Michelangelo is a Party Dude in these New Production Photos

Michelangelo Statue

A fellow chucker, eh?

The turtles are preparing to throw the ultimate party in your collection- just don’t forget the pizza!  The Michelangelo Statue has just received an updated production gallery, so let’s take a look at the latest on this party-loving protector of the underground.

Eager for a battle, Michelangelo comes equipped with his signature nunchaku in either hand, ready to swing at Shredder and his clan.  The statue has received a design improvement, and now the connecting chain on the left nunchaku is reinforced to ensure the weapon is positioned properly in a dynamic aerial pose.

Mikey is posed atop a sewer drainage pipe base, standing 12″ tall and ready to wisecrack his way out of whatever trouble arises.  Display him alongside his brothers to create an even larger sewer scene thanks to their unique proximity bases.

The sold-out Sideshow Exclusive edition of the statue comes with a swap-out classic portrait featuring Michelangelo’s red bandana from the Turtles’ original appearance.  The Collectors edition of the Michelangelo Statue is still available for order.

This party dude is getting ready to ship out from the sewers soon.  His brother Leonardo is in stock on our website (but is almost sold out!), and Donatello and Raphael are still available for Pre-Order.  Craft your very own turtle team and complete the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Sideshow’s reimagining of this fearless fighting band of brothers.

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