The Most Surprising Flash Team-Ups in DC Comics & The DCEU

The Flash first appeared in Flash Comic #1 (1940). Since then, the Scarlet Speedster — also known by his civilian identity Barry Allen — has been a fan-favorite DC Comics super hero. We’ve witnessed his ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and failures. We’ve also witnessed his epic collaborations and crossovers with characters from all over the Multiverse.

From heroes gone bad to villains gone good, time travelers, and more, here are some of the most surprising Flash team-ups across DC media.

Reverse Flash

CW’s The Flash 

Eobard Thawne, AKA Reverse Flash, is Barry’s greatest foe. He is the opposite of everything Barry stands — ahem, runs — for. Yet he’s also inextricably linked to Barry throughout time and space. Some say he manufactured this connection while obsessively running the future’s Flash museum (and traveling back in time to murder Barry’s mother, thus creating the justice-obsessed Flash himself). Others might simply call it fate. Whatever the case, these two keep getting drawn together.

Usually they meet in battle or because of tragedy. However, DC media enjoys making these enemies work together for a common goal. You’ll see it in the comics as well as often in CW’s The Flash, from when Eobard steals Dr. Harrison Wells’ identity to when Barry saves his life from the Negative Speed Force. Before the show ends this year, we hope to see one last Flash and Reverse Flash team-up twist.

Michal Keaton Batman

The Flash

He’s back, and he’s Batman! We’ve all seen our fair share of Batmans — Batmen? — over the last few decades. In television, games, as well as live-action and animated movies, Batman’s actors keep changing. Now, that’s pretty easy to explain when you’ve got an infinite Multiverse at your disposal. Especially when you want one particular Batman to jump into the modern era.

Cue the music, ’cause Keaton’s back. As revealed in The Flash trailer, this alternate reality Bruce Wayne is teaming up with Barry Allen, Barry Allen, and Supergirl. And no, that middle bit isn’t a typo. Rounding out the surprising aspect of this team-up is the inclusion of a second Flash borne of Barry’s time-traveling shenanigans. We’ll get to see how well this team functions in theaters on June 16, 2023.

Pied Piper

DC Comics

Hartley Rathaway is a deaf musical prodigy who uses sonic radar equipment to fight. Most often he utilizes a flute, fashioned after the legendary Pied Piper from whom he draws his villain name, to control rodents and pigeons. Despite this somewhat silly power set, Pied Piper has been a thorn in Team Flash’s side for years. That is, until they were able to reform him.

Now Hartley has given up his costumed criminal career to fight alongside The Flash. Barry, patient and forgiving, even shared an apartment with Hartley for awhile. He wants to ensure Hartley makes amends for his past and fights for a good cause in the present. Hopefully this mutually beneficial team-up lasts for a while!

Regime Superman

Injustice: Gods Among Us

This video game team-up isn’t as surprising as it is upsetting. After accidentally killing his pregnant wife Lois Lane — having been tricked by The Joker, of course — Superman loses his way. He creates the Regime, an oppressive super hero force designed to stop bad guys at any cost. Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Robin, Black Adam, Bane, and even The Flash all side with Superman.

Of course, Barry Allen knows what it is like to lose loved ones. He’s also famous for making some seriously wrong moves to save them. Flashpoint, anyone? Still, we’re pretty disappointed in our Scarlet Speedster. By the end of the game, he also sees the error of his ways. And by the sequel, Injustice 2: Home, The Flash makes a complete turnaround and helps Batman instead.

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