My Sideshow Story – Day 2

If you’re already part of the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group, you know that we’ve recently reached 40,000 members in this global geek community. Right now we’re also in the midst of the Sideshow’s Birthday Extravaganza, so what better time to break out the cake and balloons?

To meet and celebrate this 40K member milestone, we’re hosting a special giveaway called #MySideshowStory. You can join the group and contribute at

For this challenge we’re asking our group members to share their favorite or most positive experience with Sideshow. This could be an interaction in Let Your Geek Sideshow, a prize they won, a memory from Comic Con—the possibilities are endless when Sideshow has just turned 27.

Every day of the Birthday Extravaganza, from Monday the 15th to Friday the 19th, we’ll be spotlighting some of our favorite stories. Below are just a few of the amazing quotes and photos already shared by our Geeksiders. See stories from Day 1 here.

#MySideshowStory Posts


“Favorite memory was when I was invited to the Freaks dinner party with the Sideshow staff during SDCC and I got to sit and talk Tom Gilliland about Court of the Dead. This was the first time that Demithyle Reaper General Legendary Scale was previewed. I immediately pre-ordered it when it went up. The passion that Tom had while talking about COTD was amazing and to see where COTD started to where it is now, is proof that a single idea can grow into an amazing product.”

Lance M.


“I’m happy to say [the students of the Digital Film program – School of the Arts in New Jersey] now have acquired the asset to be displayed and enjoyed at our Digital Film shop for years to come. Every Friday we watched The Mandalorian and to be able to share that cinematic experience together as a community and now have an Official Collectible represented in our shop is simply incredible!”

Louis L.


“I’ve had plenty of conversations with amazing people who have become close friends. I’ve felt supported, encouraged, loved and respected through it all. I’ve felt joy and excitement and giddiness because of those group exclusive reveals, had plenty of fun conversations with everyone about movies, books, music, and all things geeky.

What I’m trying to say is, Sideshow really has changed my life.”


“My favorite memory with Sideshow was just before Christmas a few years ago. We know that Sideshow does the ‘Sideshow Gives Back’. Every year I see this event and think how cool this is to be able to submit someone deserving in your life for a gift. I decided to put my wife in since she is my best friend. Turns out she had the same idea and secretly did the same thing. Imagine my surprise when we got a package with the Sideshow gives back sticker. Sideshow selected my wife’s entry, probably because she is better with words. Didn’t matter it put the biggest smile on my face and remains one of my most favorite memories.”

Kenneth M.


“I really believe that we all really came together as not only a pop culture collectibles Facebook group, but as a geeky little family. We cheer each other on or commiserate with each other when we add new items to our collections or miss out on something, but also when we have something good happen or are going through tough times in our lives. I have made so many awesome friends in this group and I am grateful to all of you for making 2020 not only more bearable, but way more fun.”

Ashlee B.

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Thank you for 27 years of letting your Geek Sideshow!