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Madame Web Update

In an interview with Collider, Emma Roberts shared an update about Sony’s Spider-Man Universe film Madame Web. She said, “[It’s] such a unique take on a Marvel movie. So I’m really excited for people to see it because I think it’s going to be very unexpected, how they tell the story.” There is no further news about Madame Web at this time.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch New Episode

Lucasfilm released a new episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch™. This episode, titled “Entombed,” sees “the Batch searching for an ancient treasure that stirs up a shocking surprise.” The fifth episode of The Bad Batch is on Disney+ now.

National Treasure: Edge of History New Episode


Disney released a new episode of National Treasure: Edge of History. This episode, titled “Prison Break,” sees Jess enlisting her friends’ help with an impossible heist. The eighth episode of National Treasure: Edge of History premieres today.

Michael Cudlitz Cast as Lex Luthor

According to Deadline, Michael Cudlitz has joined the cast of The CW’s Superman & Lois. He’s been cast as Lex Luthor for the third season. There is no further news about DC‘s Superman & Lois at this time.

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