High-End Geeky Art: Where Fandom and Finery Meet

Geek culture is (and always has been!) cool. But did you know there’s also a luxurious, high-end side to all things nerdy and fandom-based?

Artists all over the world find ways to elevate our favorite characters and stories. Here’s a digital tour through a gallery of high-end geeky art — some for collecting, some for exhibiting, and some for the wilds of big cities!

Olivia De Berardinis

Diamond Dust DC Comics Art

Olivia De Berardinis began working as an artist in the mid-’70s. Since 1985 Olivia has been a contributor to Playboy Magazine, where her art pinup page often appeared with captions written by Hugh Hefner. Olivia’s artwork has been shown in art galleries throughout the United States and Japan, and is collected by fans worldwide. Her name appears on many coveted collectibles, including what’s known as a diamond dust fine art print such as the Chat Noir pictured above.

Each print is embellished utilizing a unique process involving silk screens and glass diamond dust, highlighting key elements of the image with a mesmerizing, sparkling effect. These large-scale fine art collectibles are also hand-signed by the artist and embossed with a Seal of Authenticity. What’s more, the individual prints are made to order, adding an element of unique customization to every piece. Bringing this home would be like starting your very own museum gallery.

Daniel Arsham

Back to the Future

Contemporary artist Daniel Arsham brings a timeless New York state of mind to his work. Most notably, Arsham deals with the intersection of the passage of time and pop culture. Many of his sculptures are composed of volcanic ash, selenite, and quartz. These are geological materials strongly associated with ancient ruins, preservation — or decay. The Eroded Delorean shown here is just one of Arsham’s mythical archeological artifacts. Constructed around an actual DeLorean vehicle, it is as large as life itself like many of his other installations.

His work doesn’t stop at cars. Arsham’s pop culture creations include character studies of Bart Simpson and Bugs Bunny, Hollow Mickey, statues of musicians like Pharrell, and so much more. He’s responsible for the most high-end PlayStation controller you’ll ever see. The crystalline relic comes from pressurized clear resin, emphasizing the extreme conditions and effort it takes to make something so worthy of being called an iconic relic.


Porcelain Star Wars Statues

Lladró is best known for its luxury handcrafted porcelain. Specializing in lighting, home accessories, decorative sculptures, and figurines, this manufacturer brings modern masterpieces to life in sleek styles. Their designs are meticulous. The paint application and details show careful attention to craft. If you are looking for a way to elevate your displays, look no further.

The Darth Vader™ Porcelain Statue is shown above. Thanks to painstaking etching and a design based on strength and movement, Darth Vader’s signature billowing cloak, belt, lightsaber™, and legendary breathing helmet are as impressive as his on-screen counterpart. Thus, the Star Wars Sith Lord™ meets undeniable class and poise, all while striking a fearsome pose. Make your fandom fanciful with his incredible presence.


Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Peanuts, etc.

Brian Donnelly, or KAWS, has a pretty distinct style. Even if you don’t know his name, you’ll easily recognize his cheeky appropriation/parody/homage to pop culture. His oversized mouse-like character named Companion directly references Mickey Mouse in its costume and proportions. But the X eyes add something new, morbid, and unnerving in the best way possible. And the bronze Companion you see above? Yeah, that pose comes from a Michelangelo work, and the limp body looks a lot like Sesame Street’s Elmo.

KAWS has also exhibited paintings and modern art utilizing Snoopy from Peanuts. You’ve likely also run into his Simpsons paintings and unique takes on Spongebob Squarepants. Or, if you’re really lucky, you snatched something from his UNIQLO collab before it hit the secondary market. However you collect or admire KAWS, part of your interest must come from already loving the fandoms he captures and contorts.

Toho Eizo Bijutsu

Godzilla Head

There’s an 80-ton Godzilla head on the Shinjuku Toho Building’s terrace. No, really. Placed in 2015, the public art piece is about 39 feet tall and viewable from street level. It was created by Toho Eizo Bijutsu, the producer of Godzilla vs. Mothra. Additionally, from noon to 8 PM, Godzilla roars on the hour. The creature’s eyes light up while smoke rolls out from its mouth and music blares in the background. That’s definitely a more entertaining way to tell time!

If you’re ever in Tokyo, you can catch a glimpse of Godzilla on Central Road and the surrounding area. But if you want the full experience, head to the cafe or hotel. This isn’t just a random tourist attraction — it’s a celebration of culture, film, and artistic ingenuity. Even people who have never seen a kaiju movie cannot deny the jaw-dropping impact or the sheer level of awesomeness here.

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