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The Batman Deleted Scene

WB and DC Comics shared a new deleted scene from Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The scene shows Batman going to Arkham Asylum to ask The Joker for help with The RiddlerThe Batman is in theaters now.

Disney’s Mirrorverse


Disney released the announcement trailer for their upcoming mobile game Disney Mirrorverse. “Disney Mirrorverse is a mobile action RPG featuring a newly reimagined world under siege by a dark, unrelenting threat. To defend their new reality, Disney Guardians have evolved and adapted battle-ready abilities, ready to defend the universe against destruction from fractured hordes that threaten to shatter the world with an unrelenting force.”

Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Images

Netflix shared new images from the second season of their series Pacific Rim: The Black. Along with images of Taylor and Harley in their makeshift Jaeger and photos of the Sisters of Kaiju, they announced the released date. The second season of Pacific Rim: The Black premieres on Netflix on April 19.

The Offer Official Trailer

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of The Godfather, Paramount+ shared an official trailer for their upcoming series The Offer. The series tells the dramatic and life-threatening story of how The Godfather came to the silver screen. The Offer premieres on Paramount+ on April 28.

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