Rare Finds: Epic Kaiju Collectibles

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Mutant Monster Mayhem

Kaiju literally means “strange beast.” Perhaps best recognized as the popular Japanese giant monster genre, kaiju movies are world-renowned for introducing creatures so massive and incomprehensible that they dominate the imagination. Humanity created mecha robots to combat these fearsome foes, but sometimes even bigger monsters force us to team up with the kaiju to save the planet.

Godzilla and his many friends (and enemies) are perhaps some of the most well-known giant creatures in existence. Their influence on pop culture has inspired parodies, homages, and even future generations of movie monsters. Their literal and metaphorical footprints have forever changed our perspective on the natural world and its truly massive potential for storytelling.

These collectible figures condense immense gamma power and giant monster action into shelf-worthy additions to your home. Capture the containment breach and bring home the killer kaiju style for yourself.

Crabthulu: Terror of the Deep! Designer Collectible Statue by Unruly Industries

Anyone hungry for some king crab?

Artist Mike “Poopbird” Groves offers his own take on titan-sized terrors in his delightful original trio of monster movie collectible statues from Unruly Industries™. In Crabthulu: Terror of the Deep!, a killer crustacean has evolved to take down a seaside city. He’s making waves with the hapless citizens, hoisting the S.S. Lovecraft into the air with his colossal claws. A colorful homage to kaiju flicks, this designer collectible statue is sure to make a big splash wherever you display him.

Rodan (2019) Collectible Figure by X-Plus

This demon is straight fire.

All the detail of this on-screen terror with none of the danger! The winged kaiju Rodan dominated screens and the skies in 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Thankfully, you don’t have to put yourself at risk to get a closer look at this incredible specimen, thanks to the X-Plus collectible figure capturing the unique talons, pointed beak, and textured wings of the immense creature. With a wingspan of 22″, this Rodan figure is ready to soar over your collection.

Godzilla (1954) Collectible Figure by X-Plus

Iconic atomic action!

Once the enemy of humanity, Godzilla has become a beloved household name — he’s even an honorary Japanese citizen! With cinematic eras spanning from 1954 to the present, the giant lizard kaiju is truly the reigning radioactive champion when it comes to monster movies. Celebrate the king’s classic look with this detailed figure by X-Plus, measuring 21.65″ tall. Captured in classic black and white style, the original Godzilla suit design is a must-have addition to any kaiju collection — show off the Showa era on your shelf!

Gamera (1999) Defo-Real Collectible Figure by X-Plus

A shell of a lot of detail in a small package.

Gamera’s a totally different breed of mutant turtle, not an inch of ninja to be found. The X-Plus Defo-Real (a mashup of “Deformer” and “Real”) gives the giant turtle kaiju an adorably shrunken-down design, preserving all of his spikes and attitude. Gamera is sculpted based on his appearance in 1999’s Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris, with a spined shell, massive claws, and gaping jaws ready to take a bite out of his enemies. Snap this one up for your collection — just watch your fingers around those teeth!

Biollante (1989) Defo-Real Collectible Figure by X-Plus

Part plant, all power.

Every rose has its thorns, and some have hundreds. Straight from the Heisei era of kaiju films, Biollante is a living garden of gene editing. This high-concept kaiju combines the DNA of Godzilla, a human, and a rose plant to create the strange, tentacled titan we’re familiar with. Another excellent entry in the Defo-Real series, this bite-size Biollante has several toothy stalks with removable toxic sap accessories to give your display an added element of experimentation. Get ready to grow your collection with this floral foe.

All of the epic kaiju action with none of the lizard-mutating radiation! Assemble your favorite giant creatures into a collection for the ages with these monsters and more, available at Sideshow.com.

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