Pose of the Day Challenge 1: Hero Pose- Winner Reveal!

From the desk of Posemaster General, Terry Smith:

Greetings, Posers! And thanks to everyone who participated in Day 1 of the Sideshow Pose of the Day Challenge! There were SO MANY entries for the Hero Pose prompt, and, remarkably, very few people used the same figure (which always makes it interesting). I saw Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and even Firefly represented. It was a veritable cornucopia of geekiness. I’d love to give accolades to all of you. Job well done.

But, like the man said, “There can be only one!” And the winner of today’s Challenge is…David N., with his extraordinarily statuesque pose of the Hot Toys Captain America Sixth Scale Figure, from “Avengers!” Congratulations, David!

The final call was really tight, so I’d like to give honorable mentions to both Anthony Sixth Scale Posers for his pose of the Hot Toys Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure from “X-Men Days of Future Past,” and also to Solidsnakefan for his spectacular pose of the Hot Toys Wonder Woman Comic Concept Version Sixth Scale Figure.

Thanks again to all of you who participated. Please stay tuned, as the next Pose of the Day prompt will drop on Monday, March 30th!