Pose of the Day Challenge 8: Armor- Winner Reveal!

From the desk of Posemaster General, Terry Smith:

Hello again to all of you champion posers out there! Hope you all had a great weekend. The sun is up and it’s high time for me to announce the winners of the most recent Pose of the Day Challenge- Armor.

Seems I made the right choice with this one, because a ton of you stepped up to the plate and brought some amazing work to this round. In fact, starting with this prompt, I’m adding a new category to the Honorable Mention winners:

The single pose that makes me laugh the hardest will henceforth receive the Don’t Take Things Too Seriously Award. (I’ll have a better name for it soon…unless I don’t.) No prizes for this, mind you. Just looking for a way to acknowledge some of the more light-hearted and creative submissions.

But enough of that. On to this week’s selections!

Special Recognition- Don’t Take Things Too Seriously Award

The inaugural Don’t Take Things Too Seriously Award goes to dvinny84 for a pair of poses featuring a Sideshow Collectibles Clone Trooper Sergeant and a Sideshow Collectibles Veteran Clone Trooper dressing down a Sideshow Collectibles Shiny Clone Trooper.

Vinny’s choice not only told the best story in all of this round’s submissions, but it enabled him to take advantage of the myriad of interchangeable hands that shipped with these figures. Excellent, hilarious stuff, Vinny! Thanks for the chuckle!

Honorable Mention #1:

This pose of the Hot Toys Captain Phasma Sixth Scale Figure by atrei10 definitely deserves a nod, as anyone who’s worked with the figure can tell you. It shows how patience and diligence will reward you with a well-posed figure that can hold its own against, and even dominate, the other figures in your collection.

Even the figure’s posture evokes my own memories of Phasma’s stance in the film. I can SEE Gwendolyn Christie in that armor. Great, great job!

Honorable Mention #2:

This fantastic duel/display combo from joel.haase.3 shows utter commitment to the craft. So dedicated was he to having the Sideshow Collectibles Yoda and Clone Trooper Premium Format Figure in his collection, that Joel made the command decision to modify his Sideshow Collectibles 501st Clone Trooper Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure to accommodate impalement upon the lightsaber blade of the Hot Toys Yoda Sixth Scale Figure.

It’s an amazing homage to the original Sideshow piece that perfectly captures that moment in the film, and is very much a welcome laugh in the face to all those who said it couldn’t be done. I love it.

Challenge 8: Armor Winner!

This piece of work from somewhat_entertaining, created using the Hot Toys Patrol Trooper Sixth Scale Figure, had me genuinely excited. (I can totally see it leaping out of a comic book panel drawn by, say, John Romita, Jr.) Every bit of this pose is perfect. I mean, look at it. I wouldn’t alter a single joint even a fraction of a degree.

Just look at the way that, moving upward from the hips, the body is leaning progressively further into the action with every point of articulation – lower torso, then upper torso, then neck, then the head looking slightly down, working that visor like the brim of a cowboy hat. (This figure isn’t just posing, it’s ACTING!)

Incorporating the shield from the Hot Toys First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper Sixth Scale Figure was an inspired touch, and shows just how important it is to actually play with your figures. I’m blown away.

Excellent work this time, everyone! I’m so, so excited for the next Pose of the Day Challenge– but the series is taking a brief pause while we celebrate Collect a Day May 2020, another chance to share your collections. With 31 themes in 31 days, there are 31 chances to win that you won’t want to miss.

Look for the return of the Pose of the Day Challenge in the month of June- see you then, posers!