QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Iron Man’s Suits?

Iron Man has an entire Hall of Armor, and a seemingly endless collection of suits. It’s hard to keep track of them all, but we called in JARVIS to organize the armors into a helpful article for you!

Read below to learn more about the Iron Man suits that you know and love, and even some that you might not have heard of before.

Iron Man Mark L

This is Iron Man’s fiftieth suit design, but its leaps and bounds ahead of any other suit that he’s created so far. After Black Panther opened Wakanda’s borders to the world and shared its hyper-advanced tech with the Avengers, Iron Man was able to create an Iron Man suit using advanced nano-technology.

With this hyper-compact design, he was able to load it with more weapons and capabilities than any suit before. The Iron Man Mark L suit has a Nano Repulsor Cannon, an arm cannon, Nano Boosters, and more. And in Avengers: Infinity War, when Tony taps twice to activate the nano-tech to fight off Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw, Bruce Banner is absolutely and understandably amazed.

Iron Man Stealth Suit

Iron Man has a myriad of custom Iron Man suits built for specific missions, jam-packed with ideal and relevant technology. When you think of stealth, you probably don’t think of a solid titanium-alloy suit tip-toeing through a hallway, or bursting through a window with its repulsor beams. And yet, Tony Stark often surpasses expectations in brilliant and creative ways, especially with the Iron Man Stealth Suit. It’s very similar to “Sneaky” in Iron Man 3, in that it has a powerful cloaking device, and the ability to jam, intercept, and redirect radar, radio waves, and signals.

In Iron Man Volume 1 #152, Iron Man flies silently over East Germany, and despite his powerful boot jets propelling him through the sky, he didn’t make a sound thanks to his advanced micro-baffles, which dampened the noise from his suit. That wasn’t his only sound-related tech! Instead of using an X-Ray scan, which the villain’s lair would certainly detect, he used a sonic scan, which emitted sound waves to acquire a detailed picture of the layout like echolocation!


The Hulkbuster is an iconic custom build, made specifically to defeat the Hulk. It’s used in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Scarlet Witch implants false memories and fears into the minds of all of the Avengers, and it certainly messes with the Hulk the worst of all. Iron Man was forced to use the Hulkbuster and its entire arsenal against The Hulk. It came ready with replaceable arms, traps, and blasters nearly twice the size of Iron Man’s regular beams.

When Bruce Banner suits up in the Hulkbuster 2.0 Suit in Avengers: Infinity War, there’s no doubt that he becomes a smashing machine. This suit is new and improved, even though we don’t see it in nearly enough action. Its technical name is the Mark XLIX, and it came right before the nanotech Mark L. It likely has the same power as the first Hulkbuster, if not even more powerful.

War Machine Mark IV Special Edition

The War Machine Mark IV was designed especially for the Battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War for James Rhodes. After James Rhodes sustained terrible injuries during Captain America: Civil War, he became paralyzed. The War Machine suit allows Rhodey to walk and act in full armor.

Like all of the War Machine suits, the design is significantly more militaristic than your average Iron Man armor, with a machine gun protruding from the shoulder, and a back mounted missile launcher. Not only does he have the launchers, but he can also work with the guns mounted on his forearm. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the military, and it always shows in his costume designs.

Iron Patriot

The Iron Patriot suit makes its premiere in Iron Man 3. James Rhodes yet again fills an important role as the Iron Patriot, a soldier in an Iron Man suit painted in red, white, and blue, with a star on his chest just like Captain America. The Star shape focuses the Unibeam energy bursts that Iron Patriot can produce.

The only difference between the War Machine Mark II and the Iron Patriot suit is its paint job, and yet it adds so much. Even though it only changed in appearance, it was manipulated by A.I.M. in an attempt to capture the President of the United States, and was even used by Eric Savin. Rhodes was able to protect the President by putting him inside the Iron Patriot suit, before he flew them away to safety.

Iron Man Mark LXXXV

The most advanced Iron Man suit ever to be created. The Iron Man Mark LXXXV was created some time within the five years between Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. Tony Stark created 35 different suits after the Mark L in Infinity War, and this suit surpassed all of the others.

Using a highly advanced nanotechnology, Iron Man was able to conjure shields of pure energy, and change the very shape of his armor at will into blades and more. And of course, he was able to change it into the shape of a specifically crafted nanotech version of the Infinity Gauntlet so that he could use the power of the Infinity Stones and defeat the Mad Titan Thanos.

Think you know these Iron Man suits well? Take the quiz below to find out!