QUIZ: Which Catwoman Are You?

For nearly as long as the Caped Crusader has stalked the shadows of Gotham, there has been Catwoman to keep Batman on his toes. She is the original feline fatale, with the razor sharp claws and wit to match. Whether she’s flesh and leather or hand-drawn, Catwoman remains one of the most important members of the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery.

From the iconic television trailblazers Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar to the more comics-accurate portrayals by Zöe Kravitz and Anne Hathaway, there’s really no bad result when it comes to being Catwoman. Unless, of course, you like to be bad — like Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle.

Tsk tsk and another tsk, you better crack that whip and get going. Those jewels aren’t going to steal themselves!

Now that you know which Catwoman you are, be sure to add a Catwoman art print or two to your collection. And you can always re-take the quiz to see if another catsuit fits you just as well —cats do have nine lives, after all.

Tell us, which live-action version of Catwoman are you? Let us know in the comments and don’f forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!