QUIZ: Which Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Are You?

Thirty years ago, Zordon assembled a team of five teenagers (with attitude) to save the planet from Rita Repulsa. After that signature beep from their wrist communicators and a well-placed ai-yi-yi from Alpha 5, the Power Rangers were born.

Following decades of different Rangers and adventures across space and team, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are teaming up again. In their previous missions, these kids have defeated Lord Zedd and Ivan Ooze, all while delivering some iconic Power Rangers quotes. Now, as adults, Rita’s latest plan to meddle with time has pushed it too far. Trini is gone and the rest of the team must step up to avenge her.

While the Rangers get ready to battle Rita, the question remains: Which Power Ranger are you?

It’s Quizzin’ Time

Power Rangers Quiz Results

Only when all the Power Rangers unite as one can their powers defeat the forces of evil. Just as their combined weapons form the morphinominal Megazord, the Power Rangers are stronger together. However, even on their own, these teens are pretty mighty!

Once you’ve unlocked your Power Grid color, check out the other results below — and remember, a Ranger can always change their colors. Just ask Tommy Oliver.

Pink Ranger

You’re bright and effervescent. Standing out from the crowd comes naturally, and you absolutely shine when you’re in the spotlight. Keep those wild dreams in sight — it pays off to take a chance!

White Ranger

You’ve overcome some difficulties in getting where you are, but now it’s your job to uplift those around you. When you use your legendary power for good, the results will bring you and your team to amazing new heights.

Green Ranger

You prefer to work alone, doing your own thing. Others don’t always understand you but deep down, you know how to be true to yourself. When you learn to lean on those who appreciate you, there will be no stopping your power!

Yellow Ranger

You’re adaptable and always in tune with your surroundings. Your innate kindness is balanced by a fierce loyalty that makes you a force to be reckoned with. No matter where you are, others will look to you as a pillar of support due to your impressive strength.

Blue Ranger

Your greatest weapon is your mind — when you put your knowledge into motion, the possibilities are endless! But you’re versatile as well. Your insight is useful on and off the battlefield, morphing into whatever the situation needs.

Black Ranger

Creativity is the name of your game. You feel most alive when you’re bringing something into existence — music, art, dance, it’s all within your grasp. Share all those beautiful ideas you’ve got formulating!

Red Ranger

Leadership comes naturally to you. There’s a goofy side to you too, which is why everyone loves to be around you. You’re a leader who listens and does what’s best for their team — admirable qualities for any Ranger.

Now that you’ve got your Power Coin, we’ve gotta know — which Power Ranger are you? Also, which Power Rangers franchise (or movie!) is your favorite?

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