QUIZ: Which Super Hero Team Should You Join?

Even super heroes need a support system, whether that’s family, found family, or a reliable group of friends. Both Marvel and DC Comics have introduced us over the years to teams of heroes who inspire us to uphold strong values and fight for what we believe in. The X-Men are champions of equality, the Justice League are global protectors of peace, the Avengers defend those who need it most, and the Suicide Squad … well, they’re just doing their best.

And with the recent premieres of Marvel’s Eternals and season 4 of Young Justice, super hero families are having a big moment right now. Super hero teams are the original chosen family — they lift each other up (sometimes literally) but like any other family, they also argue and disagree. In those moments of reality, we can identify with super heroes the most. So, if you suddenly woke up one day with powers, which team would be the best fit for you?

Without a team to fall back on, the life of a super hero would be very lonely indeed. A team, like family, can give you words of support when you need it most and even bring you a dose of harsh truth.

Would you get along with your new super family? Tell us who you’ve joined in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!