10 Nostalgic Gift Ideas for Retro Fanatics

As the time for gift giving approaches, the Sideshow Gift Guides have you covered when it comes to pop culture. And if you have friends who binge black and white movies, family members who like thrift shopping, and anyone else in your life with classic taste (including yourself!), you might need some present or wish list ideas. That’s why we’ve created this Retro & Nostalgic Gift Guide for the 2021 season. From James Dean to Masters of the Universe, find something unique for any fan.

Is your goal to be the most excellent gift-giver this year? No need to time travel until you get the best outcome — after browsing through our selections below, you’ll be awesome enough to pick the perfect present. Plus, all these featured retro items are available now and ready to ship, so you can easily hand out the raddest gifts of 2021.

James Dean Sixth Scale Figure

For your friend who loves Hollywood history, consider the James Dean (Rebel Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Star Ace Toys Ltd. This teen rebel collectible exudes James Dean’s iconic brooding charm, and will look amazing leaning nonchalantly onto the DVD collection.

Betty Boop [email protected]

Boop-Oop-a-Doop™! An adorable cartoon becomes unbearably cute as the [email protected] Betty Boop (Black Version) 100% & 400% Collectible Set by Medicom Toy. Gift it to the sweetest someone you know.

Iron Giant Collectible Figure

One of the most beloved robots of all time jumps straight from the screen to your collection as the Iron Giant Collectible Figure by Mondo. Highly articulated and expressive, The Iron Giant from the Mondo Mecha Collection is perfect for the sibling that made friends with every stray, or for anyone compassionate in your life.

Hordak Maquette

Maybe you have friends who prefer the big bads over heroes like She-Ra and He-Man. No worries — you can help them live out their nefarious dreams with the Hordak Legends Maquette by Tweeterhead!

Bill & Ted Sixth Scale Figure Set

Nothing says enduring friendship like gifting the Bill & Ted Sixth Scale Figure Set by Blitzway! Wyld Stallyns Ted Logan and Bill Preston bring energy, smiles, and that infectious rock star party vibe to any sixth scale figure collection. With this set, you and your BFF can go on your own excellent adventure this holiday season.

Chun-Li Statue

Your Street Fighter loving fam will surely get a kick out of this Chun-Li Statue by Capcom. Dainty and dangerous, this Chun-Li collectible should go to video game fans and combat game enthusiasts, as she’s ready to cheer the player on from any entertainment stand.

Storm Shadow Sixth Scale Figure

Hasbro’s retro G.I. Joe characters have been rendered into sixth scale collectibles with the help of Threezero. The Storm Shadow Sixth Scale Figure leaps to action, bridging the gap between childhood play and high-end collecting. Pair him with the Snake Eyes Sixth Scale Figure for the ultimate action hero brawl — or dynamic display!

The James Bond Archives Book

Covering every James Bond film ever made, the The James Bond Archives “No Time to Die” Edition Book by Taschen features a wealth of previously unpublished photography, set designs, storyboards, and production memos, as well as interviews with cast and crew. It’s a gift for your most impeccably British BFF.

Mumm-Ra Statue

An iconic villain makes a fiery addition to any ThunderCats collection as the Mumm-Ra Statue by Iron Studios effortlessly shows. Ablaze in all of Mumm-Ra’s evil glory, this statue will inspire strength, power, and confidence. Just… don’t let your friends get carried away and take over any planets.

Grimlock Statue

Do you have somebody in your life who loves dinosaurs? What about robots? Combine the best of both their worlds with the Grimlock Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio. This Tyrannosaurus rocks — and so will your gift!

Are you considering any of these nostalgic gifts for the upcoming holidays? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!