SDCC Day 1 Wrap-Up with Booth Photos & Videos

San Diego Comic-Con is finally here! Sideshow is attending San Diego Comic-Con from Wednesday, July 20 to Sunday, July 24. Get the full Event Overview for Sideshow at SDCC right here!

For the first time since 2019, Sideshow will be set up at booth #1929. Throughout SDCC we will be unveiling new products and bringing you the latest in exciting news via livestreams, booth tours, giveaways, and more! Check back every day on and our YouTube channel for updates on the biggest SDCC geeky content.

Here’s our wrap up for Sideshow’s first day at SDCC. All the exclusives, reveals, and videos are waiting just for you!

Get the Inside Scoop on San Diego Comic-Con

Sideshow’s art gallery-inspired booth is filled with toys, statues, and art from some of the biggest names in the collectibles business. This year, Sideshow is joined by friends and partners at Hot Toys, Tweeterhead, Insight Editions, Iron Studios, Prime 1 Studio, PureArts, Infinite Statue, EXO-6, and more!

Marvel + Hot Toys

What if … Hot Toys added a whole slew of amazing and sensational sixth scale figures to their Marvel Studios What If…? collection? Well, that’s just what happened. First up is the T’Challa Star-Lord, the man who reformed Thanos and saved the entire galaxy — multiple times!

Joining T’Challa Star-Lord is Zombie Captain America, another popular What If…? character. These two are part of the growing lineup that includes Infinity Ultron, The Hydra Stomper, Zombie Hunter Spidey, and more!

Of course, what’s the MCU without a little bit of mischief? Or, in the case of these deluxe Loki-inspired figures, lots of mischief — Loki is joined by Sylvie, President Loki, and Classic Loki, all for the first convention appearance.

Bullseye! Hawkeye and Kate Bishop have their targets set, alongside Moon Knight, Thena, Gilgamesh, and a HUGE Vulture figure.

Sideshow Exclusives

Sling some webs and crawl some walls! Sideshow unveiled a new Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure. The forced perspective base pushes the skyscrapers of NYC up and out, and the piece is a perfect companion to the recently revealed Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider statues.

Sideshow’s new Wolverine: Ronin Premium Format™ Figure drew a lot of fan attention, joining Sideshow’s deluxe Marvel statue lineup alongside Black Panther, Thor, Doctor Doom, Psylocke, Storm, Nightcrawler, and a formidable Phoenix & Jean Grey Maquette!

Acclaimed pin up artist and painter Olivia De Berardinis showcased her first deluxe statue: Frankie Reborn! This stunning and original sculpture has already proven to be a fan favorite and one of the highlights of SDCC 2022!


Tweeterhead continues to delight Masters of the Universe fans with their incredible deluxe statues. A new Skeletor Maquette was featured, alongside He-Man and Battle Cat, Trap Jaw, Mer-Man, Teela, Hordak, and even a life-sized Skeletor Bust!

Premium Collectibles Studio

Street Fighter fans were given a reason to fight with the Chun-Li 1:1 Bust from Premium Collectibles Studio.

SDCC Star Wars Videos from Sideshow!

A long Con ago, in a video far, far away…

Right from the floor, we’ve got podium tours, behind the scenes footage, and exciting product previews — let’s get into it, nerds.

Podium Tour: The Book of Boba Fett™ & The Mandalorian™ by Hot Toys

From bounty hunters to droids, this podium is the tour you’re looking for.

Darth Vader™ Mythos Statue

Darth Vader’s full fury is unleashed in this closeup look at the Darth Vader Mythos Statue — the glass is off and the helmet is (sorta) on!

N1 Starfighter™ Sixth Scale Figure Reveal

Check out that ride — fit for royalty and perfect for transporting precious assets, it’s the N1 Starfighter as seen in The Book of Boba Fett.

BONUS! Sideshow Fine Art Prints Gallery Showcase

Blank walls? Lonely desk corner? Boring hallway? Never fear because Sideshow has you covered with our fine art prints, offering a vibrant range of fan-favorite heroes and horrific villains!

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