Sideshow’s Spooktacular 2017 Week Wrap-Up!

Have you gotten any sleep?  Last week was Spooktacular 2017, an all-out annual celebration of fun and fright at Sideshow.

Sleep is for the weak, and if you are reading this, it means you survived the week just fine!  Or you may have arrived late to the party, in which case, be sure to catch up on all the amazing news that launched last week, and start planning for Spooktacular 2018…

The Sideshow Instagram kept us in the know with awesome photo content.

Our blog posted the latest nerdy news about shows and movies including Stranger Things, Runaways, and a quiz that will reveal just how much of a vampire you really are!  Staff also shared their scary true-life stories, because who needs sleep anyways?

Sideshow had a ton of amazing new Pre-Orders go live on our site.  There were even a few that sold out in less than a day- Spooktacular moves fast!  See what’s new and live right now!

We hosted a jam-packed episode of Sideshow Live where we saw Swamp Thing and debuted the Wasp Statue for the first time, and went live for Pre-Order during the show.

And the Court of the Dead team joined us for a special edition of Sideshow Live, where they announced the exclusive accessories for the upcoming Kier, Mortighull, and Gallevarbe Premium Format™ Figures!

Court of the Dead also kicked off their new #WispwordWednesdays social media campaign, where you too can learn to speak like a soul of the Underworld.

Sideshow Susan hosted a watchalong of Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 1 on Twitter!

Sideshow collected some Souls in exchange for prizes… Check out the Chewbacca we sent on a galactic grocery store adventure! (What would you do for Star Wars collectibles?)

And there were special limited-time giveaways, codes, and rewards launching all across our social media.  Something was happening every hour of every day during Spooktacular- did you catch it all?

Thank you for joining us during Spooktacular 2017, and for letting your Geek Sideshow with us all week!  Be sure to check out our Halloween celebration on our website and social media as we keep the spooky festivities going just a bit longer.  Be there, or be scared…