Spooktacular 2021: Event Overview

Sideshow’s annual online Halloween event Spooktacular is back from the grave once more! This haunted celebration will run from Monday, October 25 to Sunday, October 31, 2021. Featuring a week’s worth of thrills and chills such as ghoulish giveaways, new product announcements, and some devilish discounts, Spooktacular is the sweetest, scariest time of the year. Order the Spooktacular 2021 Survival Kit to get ready, because sleep is for the weak

Don’t be scared, be prepared! This is your place to find all the details on the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and howls of the entire event. Read on below for a (mostly) full overview and schedule — but remember, Spooktacular is full of shocks and surprises, so everything might not be as it seems.

What is Sideshow Spooktacular?

Spooktacular is Sideshow’s annual fall celebration of all things collectible, creepy, and cool. Throughout Spooktacular 2021, Sideshow is bringing the Halloween hijinks by hosting countless contests, surprise streams, and more. Spooktacular is a massive community celebration with dozens of ways to play along. Most importantly, this is an event to enjoy with fellow geeks for the whole week leading up to Halloween itself — the perfect seasonal treat.

You can register for free now on our official event landing page. Registrants receive $5 in Sideshow Rewards as well the opportunity to access exclusive contests sent directly — and randomly — to your email inbox. Registering is not required to participate in the general event activities, but with more chances to win, why not sign up?

When the clock strikes midnight (12:00 AM PT) on October 25, prepare for the madness to begin! This is a constant celebration of spooky fun, so no matter what time zone you play along in, be sure to tune in, because there’s always something new to discover. The fun and games last all the way up until 11:59 PM PT on Saturday, October 31 (Halloween itself), so plan accordingly.

Look below for descriptions of shows, games, and other festivities.

Exclusive Products

Creep it real this fall with Sideshow’s Spooktacular Survival 2021 Kit, filled with delightfully ghoulish goodies and apparel to help you celebrate in style. When facing the forces of darkness, one must be properly prepared. With a comfortable black T-shirt featuring glow-in-the-dark ink, two collectible enamel pins, a spacious mug (ready and waiting for caffeine), and a set of vibrant stickers, you’ll have everything you need in order to survive the dangers ahead. This kit is currently IN-STOCK, so don’t delay — get yours today!

Spooktacular Deals

No need to dig through any ditches or open up any coffins in search of discounts on statues, figures, and other collectibles this Spooktacular. To see what scary-good savings we’ve brought to life for you, be sure to visit our Spooktacular Deals page. There, you can search by which collectibles have discounts, shipping deals, and more. Now is the perfect time to bring home that collectible you’ve had your eye on, as a little treat. Happy haunting — we mean hunting!


There will be a monstrous amount of giveaways going on across our social platforms as well as within Sideshow’s official Facebook groups. To help bolster your chances to win, you should follow Sideshow across social media, click those notification bells to be alerted when we post, and keep an eye out for when we go live.

Grand Prize Giveaways

The Sideshow Spooktacular Grand Prizes will be given away through an official Gleam platform. These prizes include:

Link to giveaway: https://side.show/spookynun21opens 10/25

Link to giveaway: https://side.show/spookyhulk21opens 10/27

Link to giveaway: https://side.show/spookytony21opens 10/29

Facebook Giveaways

Flash Giveaways

Flash Giveaways are quick 15-minute contests held on Sideshow’s official social media accounts. You will have only 15 minutes to follow the prompt given on the social post, and a winner will be selected from qualifying entries.

The Sideshow Spooktacular 2021 Flash Giveaways include:

Just kidding! You thought we were going to reveal the flash giveaway prizes and locations for Spooktacular? No way! Keep your eyes peeled for these fast-paced, pulse-pounding opportunities to enter to win thrilling prizes, which could range from sixth scale figures to statues and more.

Giveaway Challenges

Giveaway Challenges are contests held on the Crowdpurr platform at sideshow.live. A social post will go live directing you to Crowdpurr with a special hashtag and access code. Once the contest begins, you will have 30 minutes to complete the challenge described and submit your entry. A winner will be selected from qualifying entries, and all entries have the potential to be showcased in Sideshow’s wrap-up livestreams and blogs.

Sideshow Spooktacular 2021 Giveaway Challenge prizes include:

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Streaming Content

Spooktacular Daily Guide

Spooktacular is Sideshow’s most ruthless time of the year. However, if you catch the 9 AM Daily Guide, you may obtain some valuable hints, secrets, and updates that could help you survive this event.

Booth Tour

Part of this year’s Spooktacular experience is your virtual tour of our physical booth space. We’ll be featuring items from horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy properties, so tune in LIVE on Thursday, October 28 at 10am PT for a closer look at the coolest & creepiest collectibles we have to offer.


Bingo is a classic game of chance where players have cards with certain numbers and try to get a full row of numbers called by the host. Spooktacular Bingo is an updated, virtual experience. Show up whenever we go live for a chance to play and a chance to “Bingo!” your way into some sweet Sideshow Rewards.

Trivial Cahoots

Trivial Cahoots is a little different than our other games because the audience gets to participate LIVE, answering trivia questions using a mobile device as their buzzer. Winners get Sideshow rewards for their account and bragging rights. During Spooktacular, you can expect lots of horror and similarly themed trivia, so brush up on your spooky season knowledge.

Sideshow Staff Picks

During our newest livestream, Sideshow Staff Picks, members of the Sideshow team will be showcasing their favorite items from sideshow.com that fit a specific theme. Learn about our fandoms, our collections, and maybe discover a hidden gem or two on our website!

The Comics Haul

The Comics Haul is a Sideshow-produced livestream and podcast that airs the first Wednesday of every month from 4 PM to 5 PM PT, focusing on weekly comics news, reviews, and more. For this Spooktacular special edition episode on 10/27, hosts Amy and Paul will be interviewing Christopher Sebela and Micah Myers, two creators from “Grimm Tales From the Cave” — a chilling new horror anthology from Mad Cave Studios.

Strike A Pose

Strike A Pose is back with episode 3 of its fourth season! For anyone unfamiliar, Strike A Pose pits three people against each other to pose a Sixth Scale Figure to the best of their ability in only 10 minutes. Master Poser Terry Smith then judges their creativity, ingenuity, craft, storytelling … he looks at it all! The best poser is crowned champion and wins their well-earned, newly posed Sixth Scale Figure.

This episode, we’re excited to share that our three Spooktacular contestants are Anthony Taylor, Adam Dougherty (Kreature Kid), and Frank Forte. Catch the YouTube premiere for lots of laughs and wildly entertaining competitive spirits!

That Sideshow Show

Feeling overwhelmed, or like you may have missed something one day? Need to decompress and stay awake with our signature shenanigans? Watch That Sideshow Show, a fun stream designed to help you both wind down and get super wound up. This show is exclusive to the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group — join now at side.show/geekgroup.

Game Shows

The Sideshow Spooktacular 2021 game shows include Cobbled CosplayWin, Lose, or DIE!, and That Sideshow Game Show.

We want YOU to sign up as participants for That Sideshow Game Show! That’s right — we need contestants to play, and each contestant has a chance to win an awesome prize. You can enter for your chance to play using our official Game Contestant Search Gleam. Need more information before you register? Here’s a breakdown of each game.

Win, Lose, or DIE

If you like Dungeons and Dragons and horror stories, Win, Lose, or DIE is the game for you! This is a cutthroat choose-your-own-adventure style game that results in somebody — or everybody — going home with all the glory (an awesome prize!) or DYING (losing their shot at the prize). Audience members have to correctly make it through all 10 steps of the game to reach the final step and if you die, you’re out of the running. The last person playing gets an awesome amount of Sideshow Rewards. If every single player dies, the Sideshow Reward pot gets split among all participants.

We have three original episodes of Win, Lose, or DIE during Sideshow Spooktacular 2021. On Monday, Missy Haywood will be sharing her original story “No Escape.” On Wednesday, Amy Chase will lead players through “Final Girl Boot Camp” and on Friday, Jasmine Edwards will finish our scary story time with “Jumpin’ Jack.

If the Win, Lose, or DIE game show sounds fun to you, you can play along live! Look out for an access code and link during the stream. We look forward to playing with you!

Cobbled Cosplay Showdown: Fan Edition

Is dressing up your favorite part of Halloween? If you’re into costumes, makeup, and watching people stress out over time constraints and fashion faux pas, Cobbled Cosplay is the one for you to watch.

During Cobbled Cosplay, contestants are tasked with recreating a surprise costume in 10 minutes using only household objects and found materials — winner takes home the prize they are cosplaying as.

We started our Fan Edition episodes with our Fan Week Cobbled Cosplay Supersized Showdown: Fan Episode and couldn’t be happier with the way you geeks turned out to test your costuming prowess. We are always in need of Cobbled Cosplay contestants for future events. Learn how to audition on our blog.

That Sideshow Game Show

With a name like That Sideshow Game Show, absolutely anything can happen. Be prepared to appear on camera to compete in challenges that will have plenty of twists and turns — and that’s all the information you’re getting. Good luck!

Castle Spooktacular – with Ser Sideshow

Level Up! with Ser Sideshow, Sideshow’s first original side scrolling platformer game, premiered during Sideshow’s Level Up! Week in June 2021. You can meet the characters in our roll call blog, and once you’ve done that … drumroll please…

We’re excited to announce the game’s sequel, Castle Spooktacular – With Ser Sideshow. Our brave nonbinary knight is back to collecting coins and going on a perilous quest. Enjoy updates such as wall jumping and chatty cameos, available to play NOW at side.show/play.

Spooktacular Detective Mystery

One of our most interactive and community-driven games, the Spooktacular Detective Mystery returns to Let Your Geek Sideshow in 2021.

In Sideshow’s first official Facebook Group, one of the moderators or admins has absconded with the SOLD OUT Jason Voorhees: The Terror of Crystal Lake Statue by Sideshow. It’s up to YOU to discover the culprit. Every day throughout Spooktacular, we will be releasing clues and information in the group to help you crack this case and accuse the proper prime suspect. A winner will be randomly selected from among the correct accusations.

Sound like fun? Keep an eye out for the main post when it drops on Monday, October 25 in the LYGSS Group.


Constant vigilance! Events, activities, and times are subject to change, with last-minute additions or alterations. Beware — these aren’t the only times you can expect Spooktacular streams. These are just the only ones you can prepare for. Muahaha!

*all times listed in PT

Monday, October 25

  • 12 AM – Spooktacular Kickoff!
  • 9 AM – Spooktacular Daily Guide
  • 11 AMWin, Lose, or DIE!
  • 1 PM – Interview with Dacre Stoker
  • 5 PMThat Sideshow Show

Tuesday, October 26

  • 9 AM – Spooktacular Daily Guide
  • 1 PMCobbled Cosplay
  • 3 PMSideshow Staff Picks
  • 5 PMThat Sideshow Show

Wednesday, October 27

  • 9 AM – Spooktacular Daily Guide
  • 11 AMWin, Lose, or DIE!
  • 4 PMThe Comics Haul
  • 5 PMThat Sideshow Show

Thursday, October 28

  • 9 AM – Spooktacular Daily Guide
  • 10 AM – Booth Tour
  • 1 PMCobbled Cosplay
  • 3 PMStrike A Pose
  • 5 PM – That Sideshow Show

Friday, October 29

  • 9 AM – Spooktacular Daily Guide
  • 11 AMWin, Lose, or DIE!
  • 3 PM – Interview with Ed Pressman
  • 5 PMThat Sideshow Show

Saturday, October 30

  • 9 AM – Spooktacular Daily Guide
  • 2 PMThat Sideshow Game Show
  • 5 PMThat Sideshow Show

Sunday, October 31 – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  • 9 AM – Spooktacular Daily Guide
  • 12 PM – Interview with Elvira
  • 2 PMThat Sideshow Game Show
  • 5 PMThat Sideshow Show

View the visual schedule on our Spooktacular 2021 Event Schedule blog.

What are you most looking forward to during Sideshow Spooktacular 2021? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!