Ahsoka Tano’s Star Wars Storylines and History So Far

Ahsoka Tano™ made her debut in Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ as an eager, scrappy young Padawan™ ready to fight for the galaxy. Since then, she has been a pivotal character across Star Wars™ television, aiding many heroes and growing into one of the wisest Force wielders around. Her upcoming solo series, Ahsoka™, is well-earned and well-deserved.

But how did she go from a headstrong youngling to a venerable adviser? Let’s track Ahsoka Tano’s journey throughout Star Wars television, from The Clone Wars to The Mandalorian™. Plus, we’ll predict some possible plots for the Disney+ Ahsoka series!

The Clone Wars

Early Life

We don’t know much about Ahsoka Tano’s younger years. The upcoming animated series Tales of the Jedi™ will explore more of the Togruta’s™ time on her home planet Shili™ before she was taken to the Jedi™ by Master Plo Koon™. On Coruscant™, Ahsoka Tano became a Padawan, learning the ways of the Force and the Jedi under the care and brotherly guidance of Anakin Skywalker™.

Ahsoka Tano helped fight on the side of the Republic during the Clone Wars™. Nicknamed “Snips,” she was impulsive and often reckless in battle. Nonetheless, Ahsoka cared for her soldiers, especially her mentor Captain Rex™. She was an intelligent leader and peerless warrior who was eager to prove herself and to bring peace to the galaxy. So much so, in fact, that Ahsoka Tano even died for the cause once. But the Daughter, a personification of the light side of the Force, sacrificed herself to revive Ahsoka.

Leaving the Jedi Order

Sadly, no amount of devotion could save Ahsoka Tano from a twisted scapegoat plot. Barriss Offee™ framed Ahsoka for an attack upon the Jedi Order. Ahsoka stood trial, but the evidence was overwhelmingly not in her favor. Although her name was eventually cleared — partially through Ahsoka seeking assistance from the Sith Disciple Asajj Ventress™ — Ahsoka could no longer stand the hypocrisy and emotionless nature of the Jedi.

So, she left. Traveling the underbelly of Coruscant, Ahsoka made new friends and continued to help people who were impacted by the war and other injustices in the galaxy. Eventually she left Coruscant to wander the world, still wielding the Force but without any ties to the Jedi or the Sith organizations.

End of the Clone Wars

Despite her feelings toward the Jedi, Ahsoka Tano returned to their aide when Obi-Wan Kenobi™ requested backup during the Siege of Mandalore™. Accompanied by the 332nd Division of the 501st clone trooper™ battalion, she forcibly removed Darth Maul™ from the Mandalorian throne. However, the taste of victory did not last. Not soon after, while traveling back to Coruscant, Ahsoka was caught in Emperor Palpatine’s™ insidious Order 66™ plot.

Ahsoka was thankfully able to remove Captain Rex’s inhibitor chip. She also freed Darth Maul so he could help distract the clones. But Darth Maul left them all to die, and Ahsoka used this opportunity to fake her own death. The ship crashed. Ahsoka and Rex buried the clones, marking the graves with their helmets, and then went into hiding together.



Although it is unclear when exactly Ahsoka and Rex separated, they did eventually find different paths after the war. Ahsoka disguised herself as a rebel named Ashla™. Eventually she even went on to manage an underground intelligence network under the codename Fulcrum™. As Fulcrum, Ahsoka provided intel to numerous Rebel cells connected to Senator Bail Organa™.

However, Ahsoka Tano took a special interest in the Ghost crew. Not only was Hera Syndulla™ a promising pilot and extremely capable fighter, but there were two Jedi in Hera’s crew. Kanan Jarrus™, a former Padawan, had completed his training on his own and took an apprentice, a Force-sensitive teenager from Lothal™ named Ezra Bridger™.

A Member of the Ghost Crew

Joining the Ghost crew on their quest, Ahsoka was instrumental in keeping the Jedi hunting Inquisitors at bay. While she did not train Ezra — since she was no longer a Jedi — she offered invaluable advice to Master and Padawan alike. Later, Ahsoka Tano faced the Rebels’ greatest threat yet: Darth Vader. It was widely believed that she perished in a duel with him on Malachor™.

However, Ahsoka was actually pulled into the World Between Worlds by a future version of Ezra Bridger, who near the end of Rebels became intrinsically linked to the more mystical sides of the Force. In this dimension connecting all time and space, Ahsoka realized that she would not see Ezra again in her present. She returned to her own time after promising to look for him.

Searching for Ezra Bridger

Many of Ahsoka’s allies fought in the Galactic Civil War™. It is unknown whether or not Ahsoka participated in the battles, though she was certainly not present on Endor™. After the war was won, Ahsoka returned to Lothal. She was garbed in a new white robe and accompanied by a mythical convor™ named Morai™.

Ahsoka then met Sabine Wren™. Together, the two women decided to search for Ezra, who had been lost during a final confrontation with Grand Admiral Thrawn™.

The Mandalorian

Fighting the Magistrate

Ahsoka next appeared in The Mandalorian season 2. She was on the forest planet of Corvus™ looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, unable to resist helping people in need, she was also trying to defeat a corrupt local magistrate. With The Mandalorian’s™ help, Ahsoka freed the city. Thus she was indebted to Din Djarin™.

Helping Grogu

The Mandalorian asked Ahsoka Tano to train the Child, a Force-sensitive foundling in his care. Ahsoka told Din that she was not a Jedi and thus would not become his Master, but she would communicate with him and ease his pain. She discovered the foundling’s name was Grogu™. She also revealed some of his past to The Mandalorian, aiding in the mercenary’s understanding of his ward.

She encouraged The Mandalorian to seek out another Master using a seeing stone on Tython™. Then she departed to hunt for Thrawn once more.

Time with Luke Skywalker

The last we saw of Ahsoka Tano, she briefly visited Luke Skywalker at his new Jedi Temple. There she told The Mandalorian that he would need to forget his attachments to the youngling if he wanted Grogu to follow the Jedi way.

In the show, it’s never explained why Ahsoka was with Luke. She writes it off as being an old friend of the family, but we have to wonder if Luke is somehow connected to Ahsoka’s ongoing search for Thrawn — and Ezra.


Possible Plots

Most likely Ahsoka will center upon the hunt for Ezra, or the aftermath of it. As far as we’re aware, Ahsoka and Sabine aren’t traveling together anymore. Perhaps they’ve decided to divide and conquer. Ahsoka is hot on the trail of Grand Admiral Thrawn, though, so if he’s certainly alive and able to be located, shouldn’t that mean Ezra is also back in the traceable parts of the galaxy?

Of course, Sabine and Ezra have already been confirmed to appear in the Ahsoka series. So this is absolutely the reunion Rebels fans have been hoping for. Beyond stringing together the last links between Rebels and The Mandalorian, though, there’s not much we can speculate on plot-wise. With this powerful and headstrong trio put together, there’s no telling what good — and what trouble — they’ll get up to.

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