Merciless Mercenary: Star Wars Cad Bane Character Profile

Cad Bane™ is one of the most well known and ruthless bounty hunters in Star Wars. Generally considered the most talented professional in his field, Cad Bane has unparalleled skills that garner him favor with high ranking clientele in the galaxy’s underworld. This gruff mercenary specializes in fighting Jedi™, is a quick draw in a blaster fight, and has accomplished everything from assassination to retrieving missing family members.

Thus Cad Bane’s reputation precedes him. But what else do we know about him? He’s appeared in The Clone Wars™, The Bad Batch™, and even in the live-action Disney+ television series The Book of Boba Fett™. Yet his history is as elusive as he is aloof. So below, we’re uncovering as many secrets as we can about Cad Bane. Read on to learn more about his biography, personality, and career.

Pre-Clone Wars Era

As explored more extensively in Star Wars comics, Cad Bane is born on the planet Duro™. Cad Bane is a member of Duro’s native population, a humanoid species often described as adventurous and dominant. It’s unknown exactly how, why, or when he left. But we can assume it’s to explore the galaxy as well as pursue a lucrative mercenary career. Thus Jango Fett™ mentors this young bounty before the two part ways on amicable terms.

After going solo, Cad Bane racks up an impressive client list. Cad Bane even assists infamous Star Wars villains Darth Maul™ and Jabba the Hutt™. During Cad Bane’s early career he also acquires the Techno-service droid Todo 360™. Despite rampant mistreatment, the droid assists Cad Bane on all of his contracts. Cad Bane is highly sought after for his own skills as well as the droid’s.

The Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars™, Cad Bane’s only personal affiliation is a brief mentorship of the young orphan Boba Fett™. Cad Bane mistreats Boba Fett in the name of toughening him up. Boba Fett drifts away eventually. Professionally, of course, Cad Bane has many more long term entanglements. He works for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and even the Sith Lord Darth Sidious™. Self serving, efficient, and ruthless, Cad Bane is the perfect being to hire for bidders with lots of credits and few scruples.

Obviously his line of work causes Cad Bane to make many enemies. He often clashes with the Jedi Anakin Skywalker™, Obi-Wan Kenobi™, and Ahsoka Tano™. At one point he even forces Anakin Skywalker to open a Holocron™, revealing the location of Force sensitive children around the galaxy. Operating in the Outer Rim™ as well as on planets such as Coruscant™, Cad Bane kills many clone troopers™, lays siege to the Senate, and even breaks himself out of a high security prison.

Age of the Empire

Following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Cad Bane continues his mercenary lifestyle. His most high profile contract during this time is with the Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su™. Cad Bane is hired to retrieve Omega™, a unique and genetically unmodified clone. His efforts are complicated by a fellow bounty hunter named Fennec Shand™.

Omega’s guardians, the Bad Batch™, also interfere with what Cad Bane otherwise considers a simple mission. He can’t complete it. Although Cad Bane’s failure leaves him frustrated, the event doesn’t seem to impact his reputation. He is still a fearsome bounty hunter. That hard earned respect therefore affords him a few misses here and there.

New Republic Era

Clearly disinterested in retirement, Cad Bane still operates as a bounty hunter once the New Republic rules. In The Book of Boba Fett™, Cad Bane works a contract for the spice running Pyke Syndicate™. It is unclear whether or not he is a full time employee of the Syndicate or a one time hitman. Whatever the case, he arrives in Freetown on Tatooine™ to confront Marshal Cobb Vanth™, who won’t allow spice trading in his territory.

Cad Bane shoots Cobb Vanth during a tense street standoff. After, he travels to Mos Espa™ in order to intimidate a now adult Boba Fett. But Boba Fett defends his people fiercely. In the ensuing battle, Cad Bane is slain by his former apprentice. It’s thematic, of course — the time of bounty hunters is at an end. And it’s fitting that it ends with the greatest of them all: Cad Bane.

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