Star Wars™: What Happened to Asajj Ventress?

Star Wars™ is known for creating complex and nuanced characters and stories, from the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker™ becoming Darth Vader, to the powerful Emperor Palpatine‘s manipulation of Yoda and the Jedi Council.

It seems that every character has a meaningful backstory and depth to their motives. There’s no better example than the character Asajj Ventress, first introduced in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. It’s well known that she eventually stopped working with Count Dooku after he tried to kill her.

But what happened after the Clone Wars? There are answers to the question, but to understand what happened in her future, we first have to understand the character’s complicated past.


Asajj Ventress was born on the planet of Dathomir, home to the powerful witches known as Nightsisters and to fan-favorite Sith Lord Darth Maul. However, when her clan was forced to give her up, the young Ventress was taken to the planet of Rattatak. She was taken by the pirate Hal’Sted, who treated her well despite the grisly title of pirate. Though she was homesick for Dathomir, she found some happiness with Hal’Sted.

Unfortunately, during a pirate uprising on Rattatak, Ventress found Hal’Sted had been killed, and she was once again abandoned. It was almost in that exact moment that she met Ky Narec, a Jedi Knight who had been placed on the planet of Rattatak specifically in order to stop the pirates from wreaking havoc on the planet.

Narec realized that she was Force sensitive, like many others from Dathomir, and decided to train Asajj Ventress as a Jedi.

Ruler of Rattatak

The pirate’s chaos would not end. She trained with Narec for quite some time, learning to use the Force and duel with lightsabers. Ky Narec and Asajj Ventress did everything they could to stop the pirates, and eventually, Ky Narec gave his life fighting them.

Ventress was overcome with anguish. She had been abandoned and left for dead once again. She had to mourn the loss of so many found families, but she simply didn’t know how. Her emotions and her vengeful rage consumed her. Asajj Ventress took Ky Narec’s lightsaber and swiftly dispatched the pirates. She defeated all the pirates one lightsaber slash at a time, and used her newfound dark side powers to take over the entire planet of Rattatak.

She grew to hate the Jedi for their inaction. They never did anything to avenge her master, Ky Narec. She refused to remain passive in a world that needed so much change. Ventress would decide what needed changing, and use the Force to make it so.

Count Dooku’s Apprentice

Count Dooku noticed a disturbance in the Force. Something or someone very powerful was using the Force in a devious and selfish way. He saw it as an opportunity to gain a secret apprentice. Ventress dedicated herself to the study of the dark side. And though she was a powerful Force user, her strength remained in her impeccable fighting skills. She was even able to duel against General Grievous with a full array of lightsabers.

As a Sith apprentice, she finally got to seek revenge against the Jedi for not saving her planet and not saving her master Ky Narec. But even that would not last long.

As she gained power and notoriety, Emperor Palpatine grew wary of her true potential. He ordered Count Dooku to have her dispatched. And though Dooku was fond of his apprentice, he was too afraid to say no to the emperor. He double-crossed Ventress and tried to have her killed.

Bounty Hunter

Asajj was able to escape Dooku’s attacks with the help of the Nightsisters. She was grateful to return home to the planet of Dathomir, and grateful to work alongside Savage Oppress in an attempt to defeat Count Dooku once more. Though she was ultimately unsuccessful, it would be not be her last attempt to kill him.

Still, she abandoned her Sith roots and eventually picked up the yellow lightsaber. She gained a reputation as a bounty hunter called the Bald Banshee. It was then that she met and fell in love with Quinlan Vos.

Vos was posing as a bounty hunter, but in reality, he was a Jedi Master sent by Yoda himself to assassinate Count Dooku. Asajj Ventress was bewildered but impressed by the dark action mandated by the Jedi Council, and and she decided to help Vos.

She gave him all the information she had about Count Dooku, but insisted that the only way Vos could truly defeat Dooku was if he understood the dark side of the Force. He learned every dark power and skill, and tapped into his hatred and anger so well that he eventually fell to the dark side himself. In all of the confusion of a battle, he was taken and manipulated into servitude, now taken as Count Dooku’s new apprentice.

Return to the Light Side

Ventress was devastated. She thought that teaching Vos the dark side would help him tap into the power, but she also hoped that as a Jedi he would be resistant enough to its pull. Instead, she found herself desperate to save Vos, even trying to work with Boba Fett to bring Vos back.

When that plan didn’t work, she let go of her ego and went in person to ask the Jedi Council for help. While they were unsure of her true motives, Yoda sensed her honesty and her desire to help. She had learned how to love again. She had learned to hope and fight for good. Somehow, after all these years, she had returned to the light side of the Force.

Obi-Wan Kenobi told Asajj Ventress that even though Quinlan Vos was working as Dooku’s apprentice, he did not sense the dark side influencing Vos at all. Asajj too felt this to be true.

Vos revealed that he was getting close to Dooku as a means of getting closer to Darth Sidious, and ending the war once and for all. But Dooku learned of their plans, and used Force lightning to incapacitate Quinlan Vos. It would have killed him, if Asajj did not jump in front of the lightning. Dooku’s lightning killed her instead. She sacrificed herself in an ultimate display of selflessness and true strength.

Like many Star Wars characters, Asajj’s story is painful and full of complex twists and turns through moral and galactic challenges.

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