From Tauntauns to TIE Fighters: The Best Star Wars Rides

The galaxy is an awfully big place, and there’s so much to see. Which is why there are many modes of transportation in Star Wars film and television! From creatures to vehicles, our favorite heroes and villains have found lots of ways to traverse the stars.

Perhaps you’re embarking on your own intergalactic adventures. Let’s take a look at some of the best Star Wars rides below to find the one that’s best suited for you.


Going somewhere snowy? Pick up a tauntaun™ from the planet Hoth™. These snow lizards are quick and sure-footed. They’re able to carry full-size humans across icy terrain. Make sure you get inside before nighttime, though. However, if you do find yourself stuck out in the cold, a tauntaun’s insides will provide a toasty respite.

Swoop Bike

If you have a need for speed, check out the swoop bike™ . Built to be fast above all else, these high-powered repulsor lift vehicles can keep up with trains — making them perfect for heists! Plus, they’re stable enough for a whole bunch of stunts, as evidenced by Boba Fett™  and his Tusken Raider™  tribe.


Blurrgs™  might take a bit of time to trust you. However, they’re reliable steeds once mounted. Although they are non-sentient reptiles, they do all have their own personalities, ranging from docile to outright fierce. Many blurrgs were ridden into battle during the Clone Wars™ , but now serve farmers in borderlands across the galaxy.

AT-RT Walker

When assessing a planet’s terrain, all sorts of geographical mishaps can befall a clone trooper™ or stormtrooper™. Icy snowbanks, slippery swamps, and scorching hot sands all make their job much more difficult. That’s where the AT-RT Walker™, or All Terrain Reconnaissance Transport, comes in handy. These armed and dangerous vehicles were also the precursor to the iconic AT-AT Walkers™.

Millennium Falcon

Sure, the old ship’s been around the universe a few times, but she’s still got moves! The Millennium Falcon™ is known for making quick work of the Kessel Run™. This Corellian™ freighter also has a huge hold and has therefore been used to smuggle cargo, rebels, and more. Its most famous pilots include Lando Calrissian™, Han Solo™, Chewbacca™, and Rey™.


Native to Dathomir™, rancors™ are massive reptilian carnivores often used for fights and other violent forms of entertainment. Looking at these beasts, then, you probably don’t think they’re meant to be ridden. But think again! A domesticated rancor is quite loving, and will provide a high-jumping, imposing ride across various environments — including occupied towns.


If you’re thinking of staging a rebellion against the evil Empire, boy do we have the ride for you! Pilots like Luke Skywalker™ and Poe Dameron™ swear by this durable starfighter. Heavily armed with four laser cannons, X-Wings™ are designed for long missions and close combat dogfighting. Hop inside one to save the day!

STAP Aircraft

Sometimes you just need a vehicle that’s fast and armed and ready to maneuver among the obstacles. A STAP aircraft™, or Single Trooper Aerial Platform, is the right choice in that case. These are often used by the Trade Federation’s battle droids and even, on occasion, a certain Chosen One. Anakin Skywalker’s™ STAP ride fuels the fire of more than one legendary Star Wars feud.


We recommend that you choose a bantha™ if you’re going on a camping trip! Banthas are primarily found on the desert planet Tatooine™, but they’re bred and sold around the galaxy, so you don’t have to frolic in the sand just yet. These large, hairy mammals are able to travel day and night with heavy loads on their back, including their saddles, riders, and equipment. They are very social animals who prefer to travel in herds, which is why Tusken tribes so often utilize them as both mounts and companions.

TIE Fighter

If you’re looking for speed and superiority, you should invest in a TIE Fighter™. Instantly recognizable by the sound of its twin ion engines, this ship is a favorite of the Galactic Empire. Darth Vader™ and Kylo Ren™ both piloted them. The TIE Fighter’s high maneuverability comes at a high cost, however. No life support system, shields, or hyperdrive make this a ride you should probably exit as soon as your mission is complete.

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