Thorsday- The Many Mjolnirs of the Thor Mythos

Warning!  Possible spoilers ahead.

Thorsday is upon us once more, and with Ragnarok in theaters, there is certainly an electric energy coming from the Asgardian area of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  With Infinity War on the horizon, there is much talk about the state of the thunder god’s beloved weapon Mjolnir.

In some of the promotional trailers for Thor: Ragnarok, we see Hela, the Goddess of Death, get her hands on the hammer and reduce it to rubble.  In the MCU, there is only one Mjolnir, and it looks like it’s gone for good.  In the comics, however, there are about as many Mjolnirs as there are worthy wielders– which is surprisingly a lot!

Each and every version Mjolnir in the multiverse somehow reflects its wielder, imbuing them with incredible abilities and thunderous power.  This Thorsday, let’s take a look at six different styles of the legendary weapon of Thor.

Mjolnir in the MCU

Mjolnir, meaning “that which smashes“, is the most constant and iconic weapon of Thor in the MCU.  The cinematic Mjolnir was forged in the heart of a dying star, and is incredibly tied to its worthiness enchantments.  It grants its owner powers of flight, elemental control over storms, great strength, and energy projection.

Thor was unworthy of it for a brief time, but he regained his use of the hammer after preparing to sacrifice his own life to save the town of Puente Antiguo.  The synthezoid Vision is currently the only other character who has wielded Mjolnir in the films, although Steve Rogers caused it to stir briefly at a party in Stark Tower.  Despite being forged of uru, it apparently cannot destroy vibranium.

Classic Mjolnir

It began with a man and a walking stick… The classic Mjolnir of the comics is an incredibly mysterious weapon.  Inscribed with the famous enchantment, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor,” this hammer has been both a weapon of destruction and a tool of creation.  Forged from uru, the mystical metal, the hammer derives its most potent magic from the wild spirit of a sentient superstorm, the Mother of Storms.

In recent years, the inscription on the hammer has changed to reflect its wielder, Jane Foster as Thor, and her immense worthiness.  Under Jane’s ownership, Mjolnir revealed it has the power to become a corporeal being while separated from Thor.  This was the first time this power was ever seen in the comics, and Mjolnir claims it can only perform that feat after centuries of storing energy.


Stormbreaker was a hammer specially created for Korbinite warrior Beta Ray Bill after he rightfully bested Thor Odinson in battle.  He felt he had no right to claim Mjolnir, and so Odin commissioned the dwarves of Nidavellir to create the golden hammer Stormbreaker.  By striking it down, Beta Ray Bill is able to revert to his completely Korbinite form rather than his heroic guise.

Stormbreaker is not the last hammer Odin ever had created for worthy heroes- the hammers given to Eric Masterson and Roger Norvell were also created in a similar fashion.  There have even been occasions- such as in the fight against the invading Skrull army- when Beta Ray Bill has lent this hammer to Thor, finding him to be a brother in arms.

Ultimate Mjolnir

The Ultimate Mjolnir from Earth-1616 is one of the most visually distinct of the hammers- half of it is a rounded hammer head while the other half is a sharpened axe blade.  It is not bound by a worthiness enchantment, and in addition to its typical slate of powers, this hammer has the ability to teleport beings and objects through space.

After the Incursion which destroyed the Ultimates universe, this version of Mjolnir remained in the ruins of Old Asgard in the main Marvel universe, waiting to be found by the Unworthy Odinson, the Collector, and eventually, Volstagg.  The Ultimate Mjolnir was imbued not only with Thor’s thunderous powers, but was also weighted by the death of the entire Ultimates universe, leading its wielder to become the crazed and vengeful War Thor.


When Simon Walterson was cursed to become a frog, he didn’t imagine he would become something more- he never dreamed he would become Throg, the Frog of Thunder.  As Puddlegulp the frog, Walterson encountered a transmogrified Thor Frog, cursed by Loki.

Walterson witnessed the hero’s restoration to his full Asgardian glory, and was present when Thor’s goat Toothgnasher chipped off a small sliver of Mjolnir with its hoof.  As Thor departed, Puddlegulp lifted the uru sliver and transformed into Throg, the Frog of Thunder.  The small shard of the hammer morphed into a miniature Mjolnir, becoming Throg’s mighty weapon Frogjolnir.

Mjolnir from Earth-14325

If he be… unworthy?  Seen in an issue of The Avengers where our heroes were taken to an alternate version of Earth, this corrupted version of Mjolnir bestows the power of “Thorr” to only the unworthy.  Its powers were equal to the classic Mjolnir’s, although opposite and evil.  Thorr from Earth-14325 fought with the Tyrant Avengers using this hammer, but the team was defeated by the Earth-616 heroes.

These are just a few of the mighty Mjolnirs that have appeared in the vast Thor legacy at Marvel.  The hammer also changes with each new artist who tackles the visual world of Asgard, but in the end they all embody the sheer strength of the storm that Thor is known for.

If you were one of the worthy, what would your Mjolnir look like?  Ponder that one until next Thorsday, hammer-heads!

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