Visit the Top 5 Marvel Summer Vacation Spots in the MCU

It’s time to start planning those summer escapes! And what better selection of destinations to choose from than stops all across the Marvel Multiverse? The MCU continues to expand, with each story unfolding grand new settings. Of course, some are a bit more accessible than others. Ta Lo and Wakanda have requested no tourists and the Quantum Realm is still calibrating its time shares.

However, from whispering mountaintops to the remote depths of the sea, the following travel spots are the best MCU places to visit this summer. Pack your bags, grab the nearest Avenger (we didn’t say they’re all the safest), and apply that sunscreen. It’s time to travel!


Um, hello spa day! Weary travelers come from all corners of the globe to rejuvenate at this Himalayan retreat. On-site staff will heal all your wounds as long as you’re willing to fully let go — especially to the laws of physics. If Doctor Strange can do it, so can you!

Kamar-Taj might be off the beaten path but it’ll lead you right where you need to be. Plus, the honey tea is delicious. You’ll be walking on air in no time after a few days in Kamar-Taj. Please do sign the Multiversal Portal Disclaimer Notice. America Chavez is still, uh, getting the hang of things.


Asgard is for the traveler who truly wants to do it all. In the morning, you can spend your time hiking the Asgardian mountains to enjoy the view from Himinbjorg. Next, explore the waterfalls near the Rainbow Bridge (tread carefully though, unless you want to tumble endlessly through interdimensional space).

Later, when you’re ready to let loose, try a refreshing bar crawl through Asgard’s finest mead halls — you might even spot a god or two! Just don’t stand in the way if Thor calls for another round.


Currently, any travel to Talokan is strictly reserved for guided tours. Those who deviate from the group risk not only hypothermia and bone-crushing pressure, but also the swift wrath of the Talokanil. However, King Namor is trying out an experimental alliance with the surface. As long as you follow the rules, you can behold the breathtaking majesty of the palace, with its aquatic Vibranium sun. Sargassum weaving classes are available, as are ball games indigenous to the underwater nation. Say it with us: Líik’ik Talokan!


Some galactic gadabouts might say, “Knowhere’s too dangerous!” or “What are you, a smuggler on the run?!” But don’t listen to the cynics. Inside this deceased Celestial’s cranium, you’ll find the universe’s best antiques inside The Collector’s Museum. You can spend hours upon hours sifting through this deep-space gold mine. Plus, the museum is the only place around where you can find objects that are mythical, lethal, useful, and useless — sometimes all at once. Just ask the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Tucked away in a quiet corner of New Jersey, the town of Westview is in a world all its own. If you want to go completely off the grid, Westview is the right travel choice. There is a quaint bed-and-breakfast near the town square and the locals will tell you there’s a certain magic in the air. The town’s timeless style is always shifting and you’ll have a blast trying to keep up! Westview is the kind of vacation you’ll never want to leave. Ever.

If you were to go on vacation in the MCU, where would you go?

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