Variant Cover Comics Available as Sideshow Art Prints

Comic book collecting, like any other type of collecting, has its fair share of challenges and complexities to consider — low print runs, alternate covers, and key issues/first appearances can drive speculation, wipe comic store shelves early, and ultimately make things tough for even casual readers to track down. One of the biggest trends in comic book collectability is the coveted variant cover.

While the story and art remain the same inside, variant cover comics offer an alternate illustration on the front. These covers are usually highly limited, feature special requirements to order, and feature some of the biggest names in comics lending their pen to our favorite stories.

Sideshow Art Prints works with many incredible artists to offer officially licensed, high-quality giclée prints of many of these hard-to-obtain variant covers from Marvel, DC Comics, and Dynamite, saving you the hassle of scouring a crowded shelf at your local comic shop. Read on to learn more about some of these awesome illustrations available for art collectors and how they were originally published.

Detective Comics #1000

Jay Anacleto

Detective Comics #1000 was a massive milestone release for DC Comics, making it worth picking up on its own. Pair that with about 39 variant covers designed to commemorate the occasion, and it’s no surprise these became highly collectible.

Jay Anacleto’s Detective Comics #1000 cover is a stunning illustration of the Dark Knight and some of Gotham’s most famous femmes. It was created as a retailer exclusive variant, meaning there was only one specific store where this version of the comic was available to fans. Some independent vendors commission covers for these special comic releases, making the issues even more collectible than the average variants available to all retailers.

If you want to bring home the Detective Comics #1000 Fine Art Print, it is available as an unframed or custom framed giclée (edition size 500), and a gallery wrapped canvas print (edition size 150) — no need to go all detective trying to find this one for your collection.

X-Men Children of the Atom

Felipe Massafera

Brand new series debuts are often heralded with plenty of variant covers, including homages to the past. X-Men: Children of the Atom #1 signaled a new wave of characters entering the mutant universe, and so artist Felipe Massafera celebrated this with a tribute to Jim Lee’s classic X-Men covers.

When a comic cover is produced without the issue title and branding to cover up the art work, it’s called a “virgin variant.” These are often much rarer than their text-bearing counterparts, and this variant was no exception. Only 800 issues of this comic cover were ever produced, with aftermarket prices skyrocketing for fans who weren’t able to get one when it was first published.

The X-Men: Children of the Atom Fine Art Print is available as an unframed or custom framed giclée (edition size 500), and a gallery wrapped canvas print (edition size 100) — perfect for when you want to say, “To me, my X-Men!” without the hassle.

Batgirl Fine Art Print

Jeehyung Lee

While not every variant cover needs a special reason to be released, it’s always fun to see different artists take on beloved characters. That is the case with Jeehyung Lee’s Batgirl design featured as an alternate cover for Batman: The Adventure Continues #3.

Another retailer exclusive, this cover was commissioned for a specific comic book store and therefore not as widely available to other retailers across the country. Published for an issue in the middle of a series release, it was likely that for the most part only subscribers to the title would be able to track down this playful alternate artwork depicting Barbara Gordon casually swinging a Batarang ’round her finger.

For fans who want to pick up Lee’s take on the beloved Gotham crimefighter, the Batgirl Fine Art Print is available from Sideshow Art Prints as an unframed or custom framed giclée (edition size 375) — no need to turn to a life of crime to get your hands on this one!

Gwen Stacy

J. Scott Campbell

J. Scott Campbell is a name synonymous with highly sought-after variant covers, often created to incentivize orders of new Marvel series. His Spider-Man artwork is consistently a fan-favorite, and this Gwen Stacy #1 cover is no different.

The Gwen Stacy limited series had a collection of Campbell variants for each issue themed after the four seasons — Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. These variant cover comics were made available exclusively through his own personal online store with his brand logo on the artwork. Only 2,500 copies of the Summer edition illustration were ever produced.

The Gwen Stacy #1 Fine Art Print from Sideshow brings collectors a high-quality giclée on paper (edition size 250) or on canvas (edition size 75) of this iconic leading lady of Marvel Comics. What’s more, each print in the edition is hand-signed by J. Scott Campbell, upping the collectible factor for signature collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Lois and Clark: Fireworks!!

Ryan Sook

While this article is primarily focused on comic book variant covers, we’d be remiss not to point out this incredible Lois and Clark: Fireworks!! Fine Art Print by Ryan Sook. Focused on an iconic comic book couple, this illustration was actually first created for the VS System Trading Card Game by Upper Deck, remastered for the Sideshow Art Prints release.

Now, Superman fans don’t have to scour through the battle-based deck building game to find this full-of-spark romance from DC Comics. This is another unique example of detailed illustrations popping up in all types of collectible formats, from comics to card games.

The framed versions of this giclée print are sold out, but the unframed print (edition size 400) is still available for fans who want to bring home the magic for themselves — you’ll have to act faster than a speeding bullet to make sure you catch this one!

House of X / Powers of X

Yasmine Putri

Another unique way that publishers entice readers, retailers, and comic collectors to subscribe to a series is by releasing connecting variant covers. These illustrations are spread out across multiple covers and can be lined up to form a larger image — or you can bring home the full image in a fine art print, like the House of X/Powers of X Fine Art Print by Yasmine Putri.

The beautiful image celebrates the ladies of the X-Men with a dual view of some of their most iconic looks through the franchise evolution. Comic orders and supply can fluctuate throughout a print run, and tracking down multiple covers can be challenging. But for collectors who skipped one half or both sides of the image, this fine art print assembles the illustration into one seamless collectible work of art.

The House of X/Powers of X Fine Art Print is available both unframed and in a custom black framed presentation (edition size 450) for fans who don’t want to miss this beautiful spread — because unlike on Krakoa, there’s no guarantees this image will get resurrected when it’s sold out.

Vengeance of Vampirella

Ben Oliver

Some variant covers are created to celebrate a character anniversary rather than a milestone issue number. This is the case with the Vengeance of Vampirella Fine Art Print, a cover from Vengeance of Vampirella #4, illustrated by Ben Oliver in honor of the Dynamite heroine’s 50th anniversary. Thanks to her vampiric physique, she doesn’t even look her age!

Dynamite Comics readers are well aware that leading ladies like Vampirella, Red Sonja, and Dejah Thoris are featured in numerous variant covers each month. Their pulp fiction, pinup appeal lends itself perfectly to a wide array of artists tackling fun designs for their books. Like most variants, this Vengeance of Vampirella #4 cover was created in a limited run and also featured an even rarer virgin variant without the book’s branding.

Fans looking to sink their fangs into this Vampirella artwork can find it as an unframed or custom framed giclée (edition size 350) or a gallery-wrapped canvas (edition size 75) through Sideshow Art Prints — you’d be batty to pass this one up!

Whether you’re a comic collector or a lover of fine art, Sideshow Art Prints totally has you covered when it comes to tracking down these incredible variant illustrations.

Don’t miss out on these and more prints from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and more — with giclées, canvas prints, metal prints, and other unique format offerings, there’s a whole gallery’s worth of goodies to discover.