QUIZ: Which Star Wars Bounty Hunter Are You?

The galaxy is a cruel place. And sometimes, to make a living, you gotta be cruel too.

Across the star systems, there are countless skilled individuals who carry out hits and retrieve “lost” goods for high-paying clients. These bounty hunters come in all shapes and sizes, from every background with every expertise. Need someone to shapeshift and get lost among a Coruscanti™ crowd? Hire a Clawdite™. Need someone intimidating who knows their way around a blaster? Try a Trandoshan™.

But when it comes to the best of the best, there’s a select few who earn the highest price. Let’s find out exactly which Star Wars bounty hunter fits your bill.

Which Bounty Hunter Are You?

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Types

Information is its own reward. Now that you’ve completed the job, here were the other rewards on the table. No two bounty hunters are quite alike.

The Mandalorian™

Tough on the outside with a secretly soft interior? That’s you. Hey, we’re not saying you can’t get the job done — but you follow your own path. Whether you’re finding the Way to collect a rare bounty or keeping someone you love safe, there’s not much you won’t do to get the job done.

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Boba Fett™

You’re a legend in your own right. All it takes is for someone to whisper your name and the entire room falls silent. Now that’s power. However, you’re also not afraid to defy expectations. After all, nobody tells you what you can and can’t do.

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Fennec Shand™

As far as guards go, yours is almost always up. Very few people earn your trust but when they do, you stick by them no matter what. Allies like that are rare, which makes you treasured wherever you go. People admire your ruthless nature and unbreakable focus.

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In the past, you were all about efficiency. You understood your place in the world and you fit that role well. But sometimes things disrupt that order — with this new shift, you’ve found a different direction, and it suits you. Keep doing what you know to be right.

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Cad Bane™

Others fear you, and that’s just the way you like it. Everyone knows you’re good on what you promise because there’s not much you won’t do to achieve your goals. Just make sure that confidence doesn’t get in the way of your talent.

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Asajj Ventress™

You’re the type who can’t be defined. Everyone around you seems confined by their choices, but you choose to stay true to yourself. Light, dark, something in between — you’re no stranger to pain. Now you’re ready to let the world see you, flaws and all. That’s when your real power shines.

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Now that you know which Star Wars bounty hunter you would be, it’s time to get out there and collect what’s yours! After all, if you don’t, somebody else surely will. Check out our Mandalorian collectibles collection — there’s something for every type of hunter.

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