What Monsters Were in the New Dungeons & Dragons Trailer?

The new Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer has debuted at SDCC 2022. This fantasy film trailer has everything: Chris Pine, comedy, action, and Led Zeppelin! Plus, there’s tons of little (and not-so-little) beasties to make you scream in either delight, fear, or both. It is D&D, after all.

Below, let’s look at all of the Dungeons & Dragons monsters featured in the first official #DnDMovie trailer.

Black Dragon

The black dragon is a monster capable of great destruction. As shown in the trailer, it can wreak havoc across great distances in a very brief amount of time. Its breath weapon is acid, meaning what it is spewing from its gaping maw is an acrid, bone-melting chemical — not fire. But there’s plenty of flames around the battlefield, and great plumes of smoke adding to the black dragon’s truly horrifying appearance.

Also known as skull dragons, black dragons are the most fearsome of the chromatic dragons. They are cruel and solitary, preferring to live in swamplands or jungles. It is unclear if the black dragon in the trailer is acting on someone’s orders or on its own bloodthirsty interests. Either theory is plausible.


Absolutely adorable, yet undeniably deadly, the owlbear is a vicious crossbreed. It has a bear’s furry body and claws, but also an owl’s feathers and head, plus a bird beak. It is a large monstrosity that relies heavily on sight and smell. Both perceptive and aggressive, it is considered one of the most dangerous creatures a party can encounter in the wilderness.

Good thing, then, that our party has an owlbear on their side. Well, sort of. The Dungeons & Dragons trailer shows a character wild shaping from a horse to an owlbear and back into her druid form. She will undoubtedly be a major asset during the movie.

White Dragon

Another dragon! This stone-textured, gold-accented beast is a white dragon. Also known as ice dragons, they prefer climates with colder weather. Their innate magic also increases in such environments like snow-capped mountains or deep caverns. Plus, their breath weapon is frost. So what is this one doing in a sunny city?

White dragons are the weakest but also the most feral dragons. So this one might not pose a challenge to the party, but it’ll definitely pose a threat.


Alright, we all know what mimics look like. But the live-action version is seriously off-putting. Still, we love these little guys. They resemble treasure chests in order to lure gold-gathering travelers. But once you open a mimic, there’s a bunch of sharp teeth and a tongue waiting to gobble you up.

Also, that tongue is simply too long for comfort. The mimic can even use its tongue to stick to walls and move forward quickly for a dizzying attack. We don’t envy the party member who has to deal with this antagonist!

Displacer Beast

We know what you’re thinking. BIG KITTY *heart eyes emoji*. But the displacer beast, or dirlagraun (or omlarcat), won’t purr and curl into your lap. With six legs and those tentacles protruding from its back, it might not be a comfortable fit even if you could convince it to give you some quality cuddle time.

Again, though, we don’t recommend trying to befriend a displacer beast. Weighing about 500 pounds, this predatory feline creature is as malevolent as they come. They are so evil that their emerald eyes glow with outright hatred even after death. It seems like our party may be fighting one for sport in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. We wish them luck.

Gelatinous Cube

The gelatinous cube — pictured above alongside the displacer beast — is a type of ooze. But don’t let that goofy class name or appearance fool you. Unassuming, slow, and transparent, the cube excels at sneak attacks. Except it seems like in the trailer that the party jumped right into the thing! When stuck between an evil cat and a jello place, well, the choice does seem a little clearer.

Here’s the thing, however. The gelatinous cube engulfs other creatures and objects, dealing them gradual acid damage. Over time it will absorb whatever is stuck inside of it. You can escape the cube only through your strength alone.

Red (or Green?) Dragon

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure what kind of dragon this is. It lives in an underground volcanic environment. It’s huge. A bit of a chonker, even. It has spikes and horns and glowing orange eyes. Its scales appear to be green tinged, though with the low lighting and ash, it’s difficult to say for certain.

According to the trailer footage, this dragon’s breath weapon is fire. That’s indicative of a red dragon. Red dragons are also the worst hoarders, guarding their treasure to the death and regarding themselves with an unrivaled arrogance. It also seems to be meeting its attackers head on, while green dragons would use misdirection and trickery. Still, we’re not going to be like a red dragon and make some snap judgement. We’ll wait for the movie to confirm this monster’s type.

We can’t wait to see what other monsters will appear when the movie premieres! Wondering which other beasts you might see? Check out our 10 Great D&D Monsters (That Aren’t Dragons) blog for explanations of some awesome creatures we might encounter onscreen in 2023.

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