Alien vs Predator – Who Would REALLY Win?

This question isn’t new. In fact, it’s been answered before. Or has it?

While the Alien vs. Predator movies offered answers to specific fights between the Xenomorphs and Yautja, they didn’t truly explore the full potential of each species and how they might actually compare to each other in one on one battle- no humans, no mercy.


Xenomorphs, commonly referred to simply as Aliens, are an endoparasitoid species. Every Alien goes through quite a few development stages, and may even continue developing depending on how many Aliens there are around them.

They begin as an egg, and they’re able to stay as eggs for an unknown length of time. When the egg hatches, a Facehugger emerges. Facehuggers attach to the face of a host and forcefully inject a Xenomorph embryo. Then, in the third phase, the Xenomorph embryo bursts out of the chest of the creature (which is why they’re known as Chestbursters), killing the host and using all of the host body’s nutrients for its own growth. Then, within a few hours of bursting out a chest, the Xenomorphs grow to full maturity. It is then that they become true dangerous beasts.

They have impeccable senses, able to hunt down anything that causes them harm, or anyone that they want to be a host. They have long sharp tails with spikes that could kill with just a whip. If their teeth weren’t sharp enough, there’s a second pharyngeal jaw behind it that punches out with enough biting power to demolish bone.

Aliens can also crawl on walls and ceilings. Their exoskeleton is like armor. They are the same temperature as their surroundings, so even heat sensors cannot detect them. They are silent and can blend into the darkness as if they are not there at all.

They are deadly, but are they deadly enough to destroy a Predator?


The Yautja, commonly referred to as the Predators, are a hyper-intelligent advanced species that have been around for tens of thousands of years. While the Xenomorphs have evolved to survive by going through different phases and working as a hive mind, the Predators have evolved technologically. They are ages ahead of humanity in terms of technology, with space ships and weapons that are completely unfathomable to even the brightest human scientists.

They even have the ability to construct and form metals (that don’t appear on the periodic table) durable enough to be completely resistant to the Aliens’ acidic blood. While not all of their weapons are made from the metals, it is a true testament to their technological and chemical engineering abilities.

The species, though technologically advanced, seems to have a culture almost entirely focused around the honor of hunting. They have something like a class system, where hunting allows you to rise through the ranks. The more dangerous the prey, the more respected you are. They consider Aliens to be the greatest prey of all, and have ensured the Alien population has thrived so that they continue to hunt.

To rise to a certain point in the class system, the Predators have to have battled and defeated a Xenomorph. This is complicated, though, since any and all methods of defeat are acceptable. It is okay to use help, even from a species as lowly as humans (since in their eyes, humans are too easy prey, not worth hunting at all).

But with cloaking devices, advanced weaponry, space ships, and a litany of other technological tools at their fingertips, hunting really is just a game for them. It is hardly dangerous. That is, until, you take their tech away. They’re intelligent, but are they intelligent enough to adapt to the Xenomorphs?



The Yautja are only considered great hunters due to their advanced technology, much of which the Xenomorphs can circumnavigate. Aliens are able to use all of their senses with such precision and awareness that cloaking devices aren’t enough to hide the Predator.

To defeat the Xenomorphs, the Predators have to rely on a variety of advanced weaponry and constructed circumstances. The Predators are absolutely some of the most intelligent beings, but they are also, fittingly, perhaps the most arrogant. The Predator’s desire to hunt could simply never amount to the Alien’s will and adaptation to survive.

When you fight the Aliens, you’re not fighting just one, you’re fighting the hive. The Predators were aware of the danger of the hive, so despite the fact that they kept the Xenomorphs around as the perfect prey, their pyramids also had self-destruct buttons in case in got out of hand. If they were truly confident that they could defeat the Xenomorphs, there would be no need for the self-destruct trigger. If they were certain that Predators were the superior hunter, there were be no room for doubt. Instead, they’re aware of the fact that Aliens are a powerful hive and terrifying beast, both alone and en masse.

Aliens also have vastly different forms, each deadly in its own right. Predators are most familiar with hunting the average Xenomorph (as if a Xenomorph could be average) but they are less equipped to deal with Face Huggers or Alien Warriors. Since they have gone out of their way to breed specific Xenomorphs, it stands to reason that they would be unprepared for how the wild Xenomorphs have evolved.

While the Predator could learn to hunt them over an extended period of time, they simply wouldn’t have the opportunity before the Xenomorph attacked. This is, of course, all relying on the fact that the Predators are face to face with the Alien. With their technology and ample distance, the Predators could destroy all the Aliens on a planet by only pressing a button on their space ship’s control pad. But does it count as a fight if it’s not face to face?

Lastly, a final consideration is long term survival. Aliens require no sustenance at all, only hosts. Predators do require sustenance, and if an Alien is their only option, then the Alien’s acidic blood would make it inedible. But Predators also naturally live much longer than humans, where Aliens live for much shorter times unless they’re hibernating.

There could never be a conclusive answer, because each fight between Aliens and Predators is different. There are countless variables at play.

But what do you think? Who would truly win between an Alien and a Predator? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!

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