Day 3 Wrap-Up for Sideshow’s “New York” Con!

All this week, Sideshow presents an online convention experience that celebrates the city that never sleeps: Sideshow’s “New York” Con!

Sideshow’s “New York” Con 2022 is hosted from a custom-built exhibition space that showcases a curated selection of the latest pop culture collectibles from some of the biggest names in the industry. Register here to enjoy all the con’s exciting perks and then keep scrolling for an insider look at Day 3 (and here’s Day 1 and Day 2 if you missed them!).

Day 3 Highlights


Hot Toys shared a series of new videos showcasing upcoming 1/6 scale figure releases, including the Black Panther (Original Suit), Wolverine (1973 Version), Morbius, and the newly unveiled Iron Man Mark VI.


Premium Collectibles Studio displayed several exciting 1/6 scale Marvel statues and dioramas, including Captain America, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man: Advanced Suit, and Captain Marvel!

Sideshow paid tribute to two Iron Man armor variants from the MCU with a duo of stunning deluxe maquettes.

The Iron Man Mark XLIII Maquette (created in collaboration with Legacy Effects) is inspired by Avengers: Age of Ultron, with impressive light-up features in the eyes, arc reactor, and hand repulsors.

Inspired by the 2008 Iron Man movie, the Iron Man Mark III Maquette depicts Tony Stark’s dramatic entrance in the now iconic “ground pound” super hero landing.


A selection of awesome DC collectibles were on display, including an epic 1/6 scale Batmobile, alongside a Bat-Pod and Batman from the Dark Knight Trilogy. Also featured were an eye-catching Wonder Woman in her Golden Armor as seen in Wonder Woman 1984 as well as the Knightmare Batman and Superman Sixth Scale Figure Set featuring the characters as they appeared in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Tweeterhead showcased four stellar new DC Comics maquettes. These bright and vibrant comic book-inspired 1/6 scale deluxe statues of Poison Ivy (Variant), The Joker, Aquaman, and Black Adam were all firm fan favorites!

The Big Lebowski

Sideshow’s The Dude 1/6 Scale Figure really tied the booth together.

Inspired by Jeff Bridges’ incredible performance as The Dude, His Dudeness, Duder, or El Duderino (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing), this Big Lebowski figure is shipping now.

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