History of Grogu & Din Djarin in Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Mandalorian just wrapped up its third season. As always, the action-packed, fun-filled, intergalactic adventure series delighted audiences around the world. Why wouldn’t it? No one can resist a floppy-eared baby and his grumpy space dad.

That is, by the way, the biggest takeaway from season 3. The Mandalorian and Grogu are — finally! — officially father and son. Below, let’s take a look back through their history to see just how they got here.

Bounty and Hunter

Everything began on the outpost world Nevarro. After accepting a shady commission, the bounty hunter Din Djarin tracked down what was simply called “the asset.” The job was far more difficult than he bargained for. He had to barter with the Ugnaught Kuiil, ride a blurrg, and reluctantly partner with the assassin droid IG-11. Both hunters managed to find their quarry, but then Din Djarin had a change of heart. See, despite being over 50 years old, his target was still an infant. So Din Djarin did what any soon-to-be parent would do. He murdered anyone who wanted to harm the Child, and then took him under his protection. Kind of. He still planned to exchange him for beskar steel.

While escaping the planet, the Mandalorian battled a mudhorn. He was almost killed, but the Child used the Force to subdue the creature. Briefly, the roles of protector and ward were reversed. It was the first moment where both Din Djarin and the audience realized that this little green baby was far from helpless. It was also the moment Din Djarin started to emotionally connect with the Child — who, before, was simply a paycheck.

A Change of Heart

True to his reputation, Din Djarin delivered the asset. But then he asked about its fate — uncharacteristic for a man in his line of work. While he initially abandoned the Child to Dr. Pershing’s experiments, Din Djarin went back with blasters blazing. He stole the Child from its captors. Unfortunately, Din Djarin didn’t plan for the many consequences his seemingly simple heroic act would have. He forced other mandalorians to join his fight, and also put a target on his own back.

Foundling and Protector

On the run, Din Djarin traveled to various planets. His only goal was to find somewhere he could work and keep the Child safe. Everywhere the two went, however, they were beset by other bounty hunters or Imperial remnants. This continued adversity, however, only served to strengthen the bond between Din Djarin and the Child. Din Djarin developed an extremely paternal attachment to the kid. However, he still wanted to reunite the Child with his own kind, as per the tenets of his Creed™. So Din Djarin scoured the galaxy for a safe haven as well as other Force wielders.


Eventually, Din Djarin discovered the former Jedi Ahsoka Tano. While she refused to train the foundling — whose name was revealed to be Grogu — she recommended a different Master. At this point, Din Djarin clearly wasn’t sure if he wanted to let Grogu go. But he also believed that letting him go would be the best thing for him. Thus, when Luke Skywalker showed up to meet his new student, Din Djarin and Grogu said goodbye.

Or did they? While meditating with Master Skywalker, Grogu was told to choose. He could either wear beskar armor, or wield a lightsaber™. Despite his early days spent learning in a Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Grogu abandoned the Jedi path. The Child got in a ship and sped back to his savior without hesitation.

Master and Apprentice

Once Grogu returned, his training began. Din Djarin started to teach him how to fight. He also explained how to chart the stars, pointing out the different systems so that Grogu would never be lost. Throughout season 3, Grogu showed impressive potential as a young Mandalorian. Gone were his days of stealing parts from the Razor Crest or sneaking egg snacks. The Child was actually useful during combat, and additionally developed a moral compass and refreshing emotional maturity — his joy ride in IG-11 aside.

Of course, Grogu wasn’t the only one who benefited from this relationship. Grogu taught Din Djarin to be more open and vulnerable. He helped Din Djarin trust new allies and make friends. Finally, he brought a sense of home and family to a man who had felt displaced and lonely his entire life.

Father and Son

The moment we were all waiting for finally occurred. Din Djarin officially adopted Grogu in The Mandalorian season 3 finale, “The Return.” Standing in the Living Waters on his people’s homeworld, Din Djarin requested that Grogu be allowed to recite the Creed. Being too young to speak for himself and lacking parental permission, however, Grogu was not allowed. That is … until Din Djarin declared he’d become Grogu’s dad. The Armorer agreed to this, and ensured Din Djarin that it would be written in the Song.

Now the little green nameless being we first knew as the Child is called Din Grogu. He will walk the Way of Mandalore like his father before him. We assume training will resume after the Din family has had some proper time to settle down in their little house on the Nevarro prairie.

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