Terrifying Horror Art Prints for Monster Fans

Monster fans, be aware! Did you know Sideshow has a terrifying ton of fine art depicting your favorite creatures? From clowns to zombies and everything in between, these monsters put the “art” in “heart-stopping!” And now you can decorate your walls with their fanged, tentacled, or decomposing faces.

October and Halloween might be far away, but these horror artworks are here to stay. Or perhaps slay… Below, take a look through a curated list of horror-themed art prints carried by Sideshow that feature monsters, mayhem, and maybe a pint or three if you play your cards right.

Pennywise: Truth or Dare

Marco Mastrazzo

Hiya, Georgie! The Pennywise: Truth or Dare Fine Art Print by Marco Mastrazzo forces you to face your fears. Hang IT on your bedroom wall for some truly entertaining nightmares, or pair IT with more Pennywise collectibles for a carnival of cavorting carnivores — just the thing any horror-loving household needs.

Inner Beauty

Peach Momoko

Everything monstrous has its beautiful side — we wouldn’t love horror otherwise. Celebrate this dazzling, dreadful duality with Peach Momoko’s ink and water illustration Inner Beauty. Blending human qualities with insect imagery, the artist creates a mesmerizing piece rife with swirling spines, strange antennae, and the woman’s soft and dreamy features drawing your gaze in to witness the metamorphosis in action.


Matt Ferguson

Maybe you like the creatures that exist a little closer to home. If you’re a film buff as well as a horror fanatic, merge your interests with the fin-tastic Jaws Fine Art Lithograph by Matt Ferguson and Vice Press. Hang it by the bathtub for the ultimate deep-dive into a universally beloved cult classic.

Vampirella: Roses for the Dead

Mike Mayhew

More of a delight than a fright, this Vampirella Fine Art Print by Mike Mayhew promises a bloody good time. Vampirella will look right at home with additional bombshell gals. Conversely, she can dominate your horror wall art collection as the sole seductress in sight. The choice is yours.

Universal Monsters Set

Carly AF

We’re absolutely aglow over these prints! Positively raving! Classic creatures like The Mummy and Wolf Man get a modern spin in the Universal Monsters Set by Carly AF. Gift this to a pal who loves clubbing all night and watching Universal Monsters movies all day.

Cthulhu I

Richard Luong

Although this Eldritch horror inspires madness in all who look upon him, we promise all this Cthulhu I Fine Art Print will inspire is awe. Richard Luong uses a terrifying tempest to complement the cosmic deity’s unfathomable arrival. But you don’t have to wait for the storm to pass — gaze upon the Great Old One every day when you add this art to your Cthulhu collection.


Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta’s horror pieces are as iconic as his fantasy and sci-fi artwork. Celebrate the artist’s legacy, as well as the dramatic impact of this vampiric count, with the Dracula Fine Art Print. Bold and foreboding, vibrant yet undeniably dark, this Dracula art belongs framed on your castle walls and surrounded by torchlight — LED flames, of course.

Cornetto Trilogy Set #2


Horror and comedy go hand in bitten-off hand. This is especially true for Edgar Wright’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, which consists of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. Now you can bring the flavor to your own art collection with Doaly’s Cornetto Trilogy Lithograph Set #2, a terrific artistic tribute to a terribly funny film series.

Are you adding any of these horror art prints to your collection? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Spooky Sideshow!