How To Register For Spooktacular 2020 Game Shows

Spooktacular is an annual event hosted by Sideshow that runs every October, celebrating all things creeptastic and collectible. This year the haunted holiday steals all of our sleep from Thursday, October 22nd to Sunday, October 31st and is absolutely bursting with amazing content, giveaways, and more. And this year, we’ve planned something thrilling and brand new–game shows!

Throughout Spooktacular, we’re hosting three different live games: Trick-Or-Treat, Cobbled Cosplay, and Win, Lose, DIE! The best part? We want YOU to sign up as participants!

That’s right; we need contestants to play each game, and each contestant has a chance to win an awesome prize.


Interested yet? We’ll be selecting people to compete off screen for a chance to win prizes. You can sign up at

Need more information? Here’s a breakdown of each game!*

*Please note: If you are chosen as a contestant, you do not get to choose specifically which gameshow you will be participating in.


If you enjoy a good, clean gamble and 50/50 odds, Trick-Or-Treat is the one for you!

Ten contestants will be chosen for this merciless game of chance. There are two doors to choose from. Behind every door is either a prize–or NOTHING (bwahahaha!). However, there is a temptation prize that you can walk away with no matter what, should you choose not to take the risk…

Cobbled Cosplay: 

If you love costumes, makeup, and watching people stress out over time constraints and fashion faux-pas, Cobbled Cosplay is the one for you!

Eight hosts will have to step up to the challenge of a cobbled cosplay. Contestants will play by proxy, attaching themselves to a host who will–hopefully–be crowned cobbled cosplay champion! There will be seven tournaments, and seven winners, as well as seven losers.

Win, Lose, DIE:

If you like Dungeons and Dragons and horror stories, Win, Lose, Die is the one for you!

This is a cutthroat Choose Your Own Adventure style game that results in somebody either going home with all the glory (an amazing prize!) or DYING (losing the prize).

The four games are called Your Guardian Djinn, Evil Takes Root, Season Pass to Dead Man’s Land, and Once More Unto the Containment Breach. Each will be narrated for the players who must traverse the terrifying scenarios in order to reach their end goal- the prize

There will be a total of ten people chosen per round, with four different games–so 40 possible contestants total! You have to make it through all ten steps of the game to reach the final step, so, if you “die” somewhere in the story, someone else will take your place and you’ll be gone for good.

We did say cutthroat, remember?

If any or all of these game shows sound fun to you, you can register for a chance to play–and win–during Spooktacular at

Players will have to carefully adhere to instructions to claim their spot. You may also get chosen as a runner up or alternate, not a main player. If you are selected as an alternate, the best way to improve your chances to actually play is by following instructions carefully.

We look forward to playing with you- it’s sure to be a scary fun time!

For more Halloween content, be sure to tune in to Sideshow’s Spooktacular 2020 all week long. Visit for more information.