Star Wars Episode VIII updates from cast and crew

Now that Star Wars Episode VIII has officially begun filming, we’ve been picking up small bits of news here and there. We thought we’d share a few of them.

Episode VIII got its official code name: Space Bear. Whether that means Ewoks or not remains to be seen but there’s a panda on the logo. Space pandas would be cool. Space pandas in the snow! Of course, the code names don’t usually relate directly to the film. After all, according to Collider, Star Wars: The Force Awaken’s code name was Foodles. Sounds like someone’s having fun with these.

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While we haven’t seen any official space bears, we have seen a few adorable canines…

These Tweets from director Rian Johnson.

We’ve also gotten to share some fun updates from the cast.

Current mood. Good morning !

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Given we’re only into week two of filming, it’s heartening to see these little messages to the fans. Here’s hoping it continues!

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