Star Wars™: Lando Announcement on Disney+

Hello, what have we here?

Star Wars™ has announced a brand new event series called Lando. The announcement came during Disney’s Investor Day, along with a slew of other shows like AhsokaThe Acolyte, A Droid Story, Rangers of the New Republic, and more!

Very little has been revealed about the series at this point, but we do know that we’re going to be following  Landonis Balthazar Calrissian. We first met Lando Calrissian in Cloud City on the planet Bespin. We learned pretty quickly that Lando and Han Solo had a history together, and that he was the original owner of the Millennium Falcon. Over time, more and more about his back story was revealed. Not only was he a smuggler, a gambler, and criminal of all sorts, he was even in league with Darth Vader setting a trap for Luke Skywalker.

We got to see Donald Glover’s Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Billy Dee Williams’ Lando in both the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy. With each new appearance of the fan-favorite character, we got a peek into his story and his personality, but never a truly full picture. We met his companion L3-37, or L3, we saw him fighting with the Rebels, and more, but no one knows where or when in the galaxy we’ll go next with Lando.

Disney and Star Wars announced that Justin Simien is developing the story. Justin Simien is the creator of the critically-acclaimed Dear White People and, according to, a huge Star Wars fan. Beyond Simien’s involvement with the project, there is no further news on casting or time period as the project is still in early development. It’s unclear whether either of the two previous Lando actors (Billy Dee Williams or Donald Glover) will be involved with the series.

Star Wars: Lando has no release date, but will eventually premiere on Disney+.