All the Easter Eggs Found in The Batman (2022)

Super hero films are the product of multiple storylines and years of convoluted character development. They’re the meeting point for the work of many writers, artists, and editors. Take Batman’s most recent cinematic adventure, for example.

In Matt Reeves’ 2022 film The Batman, the story is influenced by various DC Comics books. If you’re something of a great detective yourself, you probably picked up on connections to Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, Batman: Zero Year, Batman: Earth One, Batman: Ego, and possibly even Hush (more on that later). And with all these influences swirling around, it’s inevitable that the film would be full of secret allusions and subtle nods for comic book fans of every type.

Of course, DC Comics has its own official list of Easter eggs from the film. It’s also a great place to round up some further Batman reading. But like anything in Gotham, there’s always more to be uncovered from within the shadows. We’ve gathered the evidence and analyzed the clues so you can help uncover all the major Easter eggs found in The Batman, as well as some unofficial theories. Move over Bruce, we’re on the case.

Warning: Spoilers for The Batman ahead, but you already knew that.

The Name Game

One of the more surprising aspects of The Batman was the humor brought in by The Penguin. Oz, as he’s known to only his closest associates, not only schools Batman and Gordon on their bad Spanish but he also makes fun of Batman’s crime-solving skills with one of the vigilante’s oldest nicknames: the World’s Greatest Detective. In Batman’s defense, there were a lot of red herrings in Riddler’s extended puzzle.

Speaking of Riddler’s games, there’s a detail about the Wayne family that deviates from most DC comics continuity. Usually, Bruce’s mother Martha is from the Kane family, which creates the connection between Bruce and his cousin Kate Kane, AKA Batwoman. However, in The Batman, the Wayne family is closer to the version from Batman: Earth One, in which Martha is from the infamous Arkham family (yeah, that one). One of the biggest secrets revealed in the film by The Riddler is that Bruce’s father attempted to cover up his wife’s mental illness, a trait inherited from the Arkhams. Interestingly, Wayne Manor is located on Kane Street, as seen on the envelope right before Alfred is hurt in the explosion.

Bird’s the Word

Whenever a Batman film is created, there is inevitably speculation about whether Robin will make an appearance. The Dynamic Duo is, after all, one of the most recognizable comics pairs in pop culture. During one of their discussions in Wayne Manor, Alfred mentions to Bruce about his time in “the circus.” While this might at first seem like a reference to Dick Grayson and his family of trapeze artists, the Flying Graysons, Alfred is really referring to when he worked for MI6. Coined by espionage novelist John le Carré, “the circus” is a nickname for the British intelligence agency because of a fictional headquarters located on Cambridge Circus.

Robin fans need not despair, however, because there are two actual connections to the Boy Wonder. First, the reluctant young member of the street gang at the beginning of the film is played by Jay Lycurgo, who also plays Tim Drake on Titans. Later, when Catwoman and Batman say their goodbye, there’s also an allusion to Nightwing. Catwoman says that she’s heading toward Blüdhaven, which is the city where Nightwing takes up residence once he strikes out on his own as a crimefighter.

Speaking of Alfred and Dick Grayson, there is yet another character who might have had viewers wondering, uh who’s that? Dory, the older woman who also works for Bruce at the manor, is not an established character in the comics — she does, however, bear a strong resemblance to Aunt Harriet. Much in the same way that Batwoman was created to dispel any rumors surrounding three bachelors living together, Aunt Harriet was brought into the comics and later the ’60s TV show as a maternal influence on those troublesome boys.

Scratching the Surface

Like the Batman, Catwoman is a figure who prefers mystery. Even to those closest to her, she can be closed off and aloof, only revealing bits and pieces at a time. Batman is on this short list, as are the Gotham City Sirens, but another Catwoman confidante is Holly Robinson. In Batman: Year One, Selina takes this young girl under her wing, a mentorship also seen on screen in The Dark Knight Rises when Holly is played by Juno Temple. Echoes of this character are felt in Annika, the woman for whom Selina is willing to risk her life in order to rescue. Though Catwoman and Holly were never anything more than friends, it’s possible there was more to Selina and Annika than merely being roommates, especially since Selina refers to both Annika and Batman as “baby.”

Another plot detail taken from the comics is the matter of Catwoman’s family. In The Long Halloween and other books, Carmine Falcone is Selina Kyle’s father. Their relationship is always tense, and just like in the comics, Catwoman slashes Carmine’s face with her claws, leaving a permanent mark. While it’s not a crucial aspect to Selina’s characterization, it does add a sense of dramatic irony to her doomed connection with Batman. Even criminals can be star-crossed.

Hush, Hush, Sweet Riddler

The Riddler is, first and foremost, a super-villain. So it stands to reason he would commit some real evil acts. But The Riddler from The Batman is much more sinister than previous portrayals and, in a departure from his usual style, he wears a full mask. His criminal persona uses a face covering to hide his identity, and he gives a similar duct-tape facial treatment to his victims. Each murder target’s head is wrapped tightly in tape, almost as if they were … bandages.

If that’s beginning to sound eerily familiar, it’s because another one of Batman’s most formidable enemies, Hush, had a similar visual element. A further connection between Riddler and Hush lies in the secrets about Bruce’s family. Riddler’s apartment lair shows newspaper clips by a journalist named Edward Elliot, who had exposed Thomas Wayne’s shady connection to Carmine Falcone. In the comics, Hush’s real name is Thomas Elliot, and according to, Edward Elliot is Tommy’s great-great-grandfather. The word “Hush” is even scrawled by the Riddler across the photo of Elliot.

It’s also important to note that, like the Riddler, Thomas Elliot grew up with a deep resentment toward Bruce Wayne, whose life was perfect in comparison to his own. This long-lasting hatred haunted both Elliot and Riddler into adulthood, compelling them to devise calculated revenge plots against Bruce Wayne. Nothing like an obsession to really drive you mad.

Under an Allusion

Of course, the biggest reveal of all is the criminal who consoles Riddler at the film’s end. Though the name is not said aloud, there is abundant evidence that this is an appearance of The Joker (played by Eternals‘ Barry Keoghan). Not only do the two super-villains share a maniacal laugh, but the unnamed inmate also talks about being a “clown” and reveals a terrifying grin. Another curious fact is how this new villain develops Riddler’s iconic “riddle me this” phrase, rather than the brain teaser himself. Already, power dynamics are shifting.

While the Joker theory is all but officially confirmed, there’s also one last villain allusion that is purely speculation at this point. Bruce’s family corporation, Wayne Enterprises, has been known to dabble in questionable business ventures as well as advanced technology. During the climactic fight above the flood in Gotham Square Garden, Batman injects himself with a bright green liquid. The injection gives him a needed boost to continue fighting, similar to a shot of adrenaline. Yet many fans are wondering if this chemical substance could be a protoype of Venom, the drug used by Bane. Whatever the answer may be, it’s certain there will be no shortage of villainous options in the future.

Even the World’s Greatest Detective misses clues once in a while. After all, The Riddler really had Batman going for a while in his hunt for the rat with wings. ¿No habla español?

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