Sideshow Birthday Extravaganza 2022: Event Overview

Get the cake — Sideshow is turning 28! That’s right, it’s Sideshow’s Birthday Extravaganza, and we’re bringing the presents to YOU. From Monday, March 14 to Friday, March 18, 2022, we are celebrating 28 years of pop culture community. And we’re putting the party in your screens!

What is Sideshow’s Birthday Extravaganza?

March 14 through March 18 is Sideshow’s weeklong 28th anniversary as your source for geek culture and collectibles. We’re celebrating this milestone by celebrating YOU, the fans. Every day you can look forward to giveaways, livestream content, game shows, Sideshow rewards, product discounts, and more.

Register for the event HERE. Registration is completely free, and everyone who registers gains exclusive access to more rewards and contest opportunities.

Grab your party hats and learn the specifics about streams and schedules below!


Get a detailed list of giveaways and winner names on our Sideshow Birthday Extravaganza 2022 Giveaways blog.

Grand Prize Giveaways

The Sideshow Birthday Extravaganza grand prize will be given away through an official Gleam platform. The grand prize is:

Facebook Group Giveaway Challenges

These giveaways will be held in Sideshow’s official Facebook groups. You can find the links to join below in the Where To Follow Us section. A post will go live in one of the groups detailing your opportunity to win. Once the contest begins, you will have a limited amount of time to complete the challenge described and submit your entry. A winner will be selected from qualifying entries, and all entries have the potential to be showcased in Sideshow’s wrap-up livestreams and blogs.

Birthday Extravaganza 2022 Facebook Group Giveaway Challenge prizes include:

Flash Giveaways

Flash Giveaways are quick 15-minute contests held on Sideshow’s official social media accounts. You will have only 15 minutes to follow the prompt given on the social post, and a winner will be selected from qualifying entries.

Birthday Extravaganza 2022 Flash Giveaways include:

As with all Sideshow and affiliated brand contests, standard terms & conditions apply.

Where To Follow Us

Join Sideshow…

Join Sideshow Art Prints

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Join Atomic Misfit

Join The Comics Haul…

Ser Sideshow 3D

The nonbinary knight Ser Sideshow returns for another adventure — this time in 3D! During previous events, Sideshow brought you the 2D platformer games Level Up! With Ser Sideshow and Castle Spooktacular. Now we invite you to explore the latest update. This time, you’ll go ’round and around collecting all the party hats for Sideshow’s birthday celebration! Play NOW at

Streaming Content

Ink Tank

Ink Tank is an interview show in which artists chat and sketch — LIVE! A host will provide these artists with various prompts, and they’ll chat about their style, decisions, and art as they work. Tune in for a relaxing stream full of conversation and gorgeous drawings. Ink Tank guests this week include Ian MacDonald as well as Sideshow’s Art Director Richard Luong.

Sideshow Live Shopping Show

Shop incredible deals on products you can see! Sideshow’s Shopping Show allows you to browse collectibles LIVE with our hosts. Sideshow staffers describe every angle, with further details — and sale info — shown onscreen.

Game Shows

There are many game shows happening during the course of Sideshow’s Birthday Extravaganza 2022. To enter for a chance to play, as well as a chance to win, register at Get a breakdown of all the games below.

Trivial Cahoots

During Trivial Cahoots the audience gets to participate LIVE, answering trivia questions using a mobile device as their buzzer. Expect trivia questions related to pop culture of all kinds! Winners get Sideshow Rewards for their account and bragging rights.

That Sideshow Game Show

With a name like That Sideshow Game Show, absolutely anything can happen. Be prepared to appear on camera to compete in challenges that will have plenty of twists and turns — and that’s all the information you’re getting. Good luck!

Win, Lose, or DIE!

If you like Dungeons and Dragons and horror stories, Win, Lose, or DIE is the game for you! This is a cutthroat choose-your-own-adventure style game that results in somebody — or everybody — going home with all the glory (an awesome prize!) or DYING (losing their shot at the prize). Audience members have to correctly make it through all 10 steps of the game to reach the final step and if you die, you’re out of the running. The last person playing gets an awesome amount of Sideshow Rewards. If every single player dies, the Sideshow Reward pot gets split among all participants.

On Wednesday, Missy Haywood will be presenting her original story “Have A Super Birthday!”

If the Win, Lose, or DIE game show sounds fun to you, you can play along live! Look out for an access code and link during the stream. We look forward to playing with you!

Cobbled Cosplay

Are the clothes your favorite part of an art piece? If you’re into costumes, makeup, and watching people stress out over time constraints and fashion faux pas, Cobbled Cosplay is the one for you to watch.

During Cobbled Cosplay, contestants are tasked with recreating a surprise costume in 10 minutes using only household objects and found materials — winner takes home the prize, or in this case, art print, that they are cosplaying as.

We started our Fan Edition episodes with our Fan Week Cobbled Cosplay Supersized Showdown: Fan Episode and couldn’t be happier with the way you geeks turned out to test your costuming prowess. We are always in need of Cobbled Cosplay contestants for future events. Learn how to audition on our blog, or submit your audition tape through this Gleam platform.


*all times are listed in PT and are subject to change

Monday, March 14

  • 9 AM – Birthday Kickoff
  • 12 PM – Trivial Cahoots

Tuesday, March 15

  • 9 AM – Birthday Extravaganza Daily Guide
  • 10 AM – Unsealed and Revealed
  • 2 PM – Win, Lose, or DIE!

Wednesday, March 16

  • 9 AM – Birthday Extravaganza Daily Guide
  • 12 PM – Sideshow Shopping Show

Thursday, March 17

  • 9 AM – Birthday Extravaganza Daily Guide
  • 1 PM – Ink Tank with Ian MacDonald & Richard Luong
  • 3 PMCritical Role 7th Anniversary Livestream
  • 5 PM – That Sideshow Game Show

Friday, March 18

  • 9 AM – Birthday Extravaganza Daily Guide
  • 10 AM – Unsealed and Revealed
  • 12 PM – Cobbled Cosplay
  • 1 PM – Strike a Pose
  • 2 PM – Trivial Cahoots
  • 5 PM – That Sideshow Show *exclusively for members of the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group

You can view the full visual schedule on our Sideshow Birthday Extravaganza 2022 Daily Schedule blog.

Light those candles, bust out some confetti, and get ready to party! Let us know in the comments which part of Sideshow’s Birthday Extravaganza 2022 you are most looking forward to, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!