The 10 Funniest Quotes from DC’s The Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021) is the most bizarre, irreverent, and hilarious DC Comics film to ever hit the silver screen. The 2021 smash hit blended bloody action with wacky characters and over-the-top effects that had DC fans labeling it as their favorite super hero movie of all time.

Its success and reception are due in part to the script. Bursting with all types of comedy, anything from innuendo to sarcasm, nearly every scene delivered a side-splitting laugh. Plus, the cast perfectly delivered their foul-mouthed, blunt, witty, and immature lines. There’s no way to share all of them without playing the entire movie, so let’s look at just 10 of the funniest The Suicide Squad quotes below.

“No one likes a show-off.”

“Unless what they’re showing off is dope as f**k.”

—Bloodsport and Peacemaker

Bloodsport and Peacemaker spend the entire film competing over … just about everything. Bloodsport already resents that Peacemaker is just the off-brand version of himself, and Peacemaker’s ego can’t take that. So, inevitably, they clash — constantly and hilariously. In this scene, Bloodsport ridicules Peacemaker for bragging about his bullets. Confident yet childish, Peacemaker calls him on his jealousy. Bloodsport has to concede.


—King Shark

Nanaue isn’t the most intelligent creature, but he sure tries real hard. During the Suicide Squad’s mission briefing with Amanda Waller, he’s simply happy to be included. She asks if anyone has questions, which is typically met with raised hands and relevant inquiries. Nanaue, known more commonly as King Shark, raises his hand/fin. When Amanda calls on him, though, he simply points at his aquatic appendage and states the obvious. It’s silly, sweet, and deserves at least a snort-laugh.

“If we find out you have personalized license plates, you die.”

—Harley Quinn

During Thinker’s interrogation, Rick Flag lists off rules for how their infiltration into Jotunheim is going to go. His demands are practical and strategic. Harley Quinn happily interrupts each one with life rules and stipulations of her own. Among these is a harsh but very funny dig at vanity plates.

“Why would someone put penises all over the beach?”

—Ratcatcher II

This quote is already coming hot off the heels of another hilarious exchange. Fed up with Peacemaker, Bloodsport tells him to “eat a bag of d****s” and Peacemaker proudly states he would eat a whole beach of them if it was the price of liberty. Ratcatcher II takes this seriously. What takes this even to the next level of absurd is that Peacemaker replies to her in earnest, questioning the methods and actions of the hypothetical madmen who would decorate a beach in such a way.

“I cherish peace with all my heart. I don’t care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it.”


Peacemaker is one of those characters you love to hate. Stuck up and sophomoric, he’s the quintessential hero gone bad, the deluded superstar who’s convinced all his wrongs somehow make a right. This quote might as well be his motto. It’s indicative enough of his personality that it’s thrown back at him in the HBO Max Peacemaker TV show trailer, where he must reconcile his actions with the itty bit of morality he has left.

“We’re all going to die.”

“I hope so.”

—Bloodsport and Polka-Dot Man

This exchange happens during the Suicide Squad’s mission briefing. Discouraged by his team’s incompetence, Bloodsport expresses that he thinks they’re all doomed. The odd and off-putting Polka-Dot Man, a fan-favorite due to his dark humor and strange interdimensional affliction, goes all starry-eyed. He smiles, replying with such an uncomfortable remark that you have to laugh to ease the tension — plus, a little existential dread and nihilism is good for the soul every now and then.

“Recently I made a promise to myself that next time I got a boyfriend I’d be on the lookout for red flags. And if I saw any, I would do the healthy thing and murder him.”

—Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has a history of bad boyfriends, most notably the Clown Prince of Crime himself — The Joker. She endured physical and emotional abuse from the clown, so when she left him, she made a vow to never fall for another guy like him. Thus when she encounters a morally gray — though admittedly charming and attractive — politician, she loves and leaves him for dead. ‘Cause killing kids? That’s definitely a red flag.

“Why the f**k would I want a leaf?”


The assassin and all around badass Bloodsport is afraid of rats. So, naturally, he has a rat-controlling ally on his team. Ratcatcher II and her pet rat Sebastian therefore spend a lot of The Suicide Squad trying to work through Bloodsport’s childhood trauma. Bloodsport, though, generally reacts with hysterics whenever the rats get too close. Even when gifted a pretty leaf as a peace offering, Bloodsport can’t reconcile his past and responds with indignation.

“He’s not a werewolf, he’s a weasel! He’s harmless! I mean, he’s not harmless, he’s killed 27 children…”

—Rick Flag

En route to their latest suicide mission, the team is introduced to all the other strange members they’re relying on. Everyone reacts similarly to Weasel, who is a somewhat sentient — but extremely stupid — metahuman with hygiene and sanity issues. Blackguard freaks out when he has to sit next to the hairy beast. Rick tries to calm him down but ends up revealing what put Weasel in Belle Reve prison. That information, while adding to the hilarity of the character, isn’t exactly reassuring to Task Force X.

“Nom nom.”

—King Shark

King Shark is constantly hungry. Unfortunately, his tastes run toward human flesh. After being denied nom noms for most of the movie, he’s finally let loose on the Suicide Squad’s enemies — people and Starro alike. He consumes his tasty treats with the expected gusto, and we can’t help but be happy for him as guts spew across the screen and down his pointed chin.

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