Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four Film Announcement

During the recent Disney Investor Day, Marvel Studios revealed a massive amount of new projects, including an Ironheart series, an Armor Wars series, a Secret Invasion series, and more. Most of the announcements were for new Disney+ streaming series, but one thrilling project stretched its neck out and made itself visible: The MCU’s first Fantastic Four film.

The Fantastic Four are often referred to as Marvel’s First Family. The original team is comprised of four members: Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (The Thing.) And while Sue and Johnny are siblings, Reed and Sue are also married! The family only gets bigger when Reed and Sue have their kids, some of the most capable children in the Marvel Universe, Valeria and Franklin Richards.

Mr. Fantastic has the polymorphic ability to change his form in nearly any way, from stretching his limbs unnaturally long, to changing the actual properties of his form, like making himself dense and durable to making himself bounce like a rubber ball. He is also considered one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. The Invisible Woman can turn herself invisible (as advertised), but can also create force fields powerful enough to contend with the power of Galactus himself. The Human Torch can create and utilize fire power the heat of the sun, and often envelops himself in flame in order to fly. The Thing has a rock-like skin that makes him the most durable, strong, and reliable member of the team.

Valeria Richards is one of the only people in the Marvel Universe smarter than Reed Richards. She has been able to outsmart her father and Victor von Doom, who boosts a genius-level intellect as well. Franklin Richards has often been considered the most powerful mutant of all time, though recently in the comics, it was shown that he is not a mutant at all — he just changed reality for a while to make it seem like he was.

While we don’t know who or what we’ll be seeing in the Fantastic Four film, but this won’t be our first time meeting the family on the silver screen. There have been many other Fantastic Four films, but none of them officially released by Disney. This will be different than anything we’ve seen before.

Along with their press release, Marvel announced that Jon Watts will be directing the movie.

Watts is no stranger to the MCU. He is the director of Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man Trilogy (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home.) It is perhaps worth noting that Spider-Man has been a part of the Fantastic Four on many an occasion, and his Fantastic Four suit is a fan favorite.

There is no further news about casting, plot, or release window for Marvel’s Fantastic Four film at this time.