QUIZ: Who’s Your Gotham Galentine?

A Galentine embodies the spirit of celebrating sisterhood. So what better way to spend this Galentines Day than by finding your Gotham City Galentine?

This infamous DC Comics city isn’t just home to Batman. There’s a whole slew of crimefighting teams, many of which feature women at the lead. From the Birds of Prey to the Gotham City Sirens, and even a few lone operatives here and there, Gotham has no shortage of Galentines.

After taking the Gotham Galentines Quiz, you can learn more about these awesome women and their stories, both on the page and the screen. Without further ado, here’s our quiz to find which Gotham gal best captures your personality!

Find Your Gotham Galentine

Birds of Prey, Gotham City Sirens, and more!

The Birds of Prey first came together in the comics of the late ’90s. During this time, Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl, was operating as Oracle — a behind-the-scenes strategist for on-the-ground operatives. Her partnership with Dinah Laurel Lance, AKA Black Canary, developed into the Birds of Prey. Over time, they added other members like Helena Bertinelli, AKA Huntress, and Lady Blackhawke, a time-displaced WWII pilot. At some points, the Birds of Prey have also included Justice League members like Vixen, Power Girl, Hawkgirl, and Big Barda, or even antiheroes like Katana and Black Alice.

On the screen, this group assembled in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). In this iteration of the team, Harley has liberated herself from The Joker. Partially by accident and not entirely by choice, she joins forces with Black Canary, Renee Montoya, Huntress, and a young Cassandra Cain to take down Roman Sionis, AKA Black Mask.

Much like Harley herself, Renee Montoya was first created for Batman: The Animated Series. She is a Gotham City cop who isn’t always sure GCPD follows the rules. As a result, she’s been known to make her own rules. Over the years, she’s had a relationship with Batwoman, sparred with Two-Face, and even become a hero called Question.

The Siren’s Call

Speaking of the Maid of Mischief, Harley Quinn has her own terrific trio in the comics: the Gotham City Sirens. Partnering up with her longtime love Poison Ivy and the always-aloof Catwoman, these three surprisingly balance each other out well. Initially these three banded together for selfish pursuits. With time, however, they became their own support system in a ruthless city.

It could even be argued that being part of the Gotham City Sirens helped reform these ladies. Well, sorta. But now Harley is part of the Bat-Family, Catwoman is a reluctant antihero, and Poison Ivy … is taking a bite out of crime in her own way. Don’t worry, though — a new criminal comedian is on the scene, idolizing The Joker and terrorizing Gotham. Her name? Punchline. She’s already made quite the impact and her growing rivalry with Harley is fascinating to watch.

Quiz Results

Still curious about who else is out there in the shadows? Here are the full quiz results!

Harley Quinn

In between cracking jokes and cracking skulls, you actually have a heart of gold. In the past, you might have made some questionable choices but when you find your people, you stick by them no matter what. You wear your heart on your sleeve because you’re able to see what others can’t. When all is said and done, everyone loves having you around because you light up every room you enter. And it’s not just because of the bombs you set off!

Poison Ivy

Your beauty is both inside and out. Over the years you’ve developed some thorns to protect yourself but when you let yourself blossom, the results are nothing short of intoxicating. There’s a magnetism about you that draws people in but your brilliance compels them to stay. You’re not afraid to go after what you want and you never waiver in your convictions, even when others say you’re a homicidal maniac.


Some might call you selfish. Others would say unpredictable. But you know your intentions. You’ll work with others if their objective lines up with yours but if not, you’re purr-fectly capable of getting it done on your own. Anyone who criticizes your methods deserves to get left behind — you’ve only got your eyes on the prize.


They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and you’re ready to keep it icy. You approach every task with a singular focus that leaves no room for error. Every time you strike is a surefire hit. You only let others in when you completely trust them but once you do, that bond is inseparable.

Black Canary

No matter what’s going on, you’re never afraid to raise your voice and be heard! That’s an admirable quality, especially for someone whose voice carries so much power. If others try to stifle your contribution, keep at it and rise above them. The world needs to hear what you’ve got to say.

Renee Montoya

For you, upholding justice is the most important thing. However, you’ve learned that not all systems are created equal. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure all people are protected like they deserve to be. You’re not afraid to ask the big questions, which is why so many look to you as a leader.


Once upon a time, you were underestimated, thought to be no more than a gimmick — but you proved them all wrong. Without you, every operation runs a bit slower. Your expertise in strategy makes any plan a success and your ability to process information is matched by none. Your team depends on you as their guide, and you make it your mission to never fail them.

In a city like Gotham, there’s always reason to slip on that mask and leap into danger. That’s why you can also find out which Batman you are, which Catwoman you are, and which Rogues Gallery villain you are! Who said you had to pick sides?

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