Sideshow Con 2021 Day 7 Highlights – DC Comics

Sideshow Con 2021 is here! From Monday, July 19, to Sunday, July 25, we’re bringing you the latest and greatest pop culture collectibles from Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Alien, and more!

We’re going live all throughout the week, straight from our Sideshow HQ and beaming into your homes and offices globally. As with all Sideshow events, fans can look forward to immersive and interactive fun to satiate your need for Letting Your Geek Sideshow.

Here are our highlights from Day 7!


It’s Day 7 of¬†Sideshow’s¬†celebrated online convention experience ‚ÄĒ¬†Sideshow Con!

Check out some of the highlights from today’s booth:

Sideshow¬†unveiled their all-new comic book inspired¬†Huntress Premium Format™ Figure, depicting Helena Bertinelli striding confidently and purposefully into Gotham’s crime-riddled dockyards. Fans can¬†RSVP¬†today for more updates, via¬†Sideshow.

Prime 1 Studio’s¬†giant 1/3 scale¬†Batman Batcave (Deluxe Version) Statue¬†left quite an impression¬†at the booth.¬†Recreating the world’s greatest detective striding through a highly specialized representation of the Batcave, this is a must-have addition for any Batman fan. Fans can¬†pre-order¬†this incredible piece today, via¬†Sideshow.

The ultra-detailed Batman (Advanced Suit) Statue by Prime 1 Studio, designed by celebrated concept artist and designer Josh Nizzi, had DC fans clamoring to grab this piece. Collectors can pre-order this statue today, via Sideshow.

Prime 1 Studio¬†also presented an enormous¬†Justice Buster Statue, showcasing a mechanical masterpiece loaded with all the gadgets required to handle the worst possible scenario that Batman can plan for ‚ÄĒ an all-out battle with the Justice League! Fans can¬†pre-order¬†this epic statue today, via¬†Sideshow.


Premium Collectibles Studio¬†showcased two epic new additions to their 1:4 Scale WWE superstar lineup:¬†Hulk Hogan¬†and¬†“Macho Man” Randy Savage. Fans can RSVP for each of these figures today for more updates, via¬†Sideshow.

From the Transformers franchise, PCS presented the fearsome King of the Dinobots, Grimlock! Fans can RSVP for today for more updates, via Sideshow.

The Lord of the Rings¬†also took its place at today’s booth. As one of Sauron‚Äôs evil and powerful servants, this¬†Balrog Collectible Figure¬†by¬†Asmus Collectible Toys¬†is an epic addition for any fan of the film. Collectors can¬†pre-order¬†this figure today, via¬†Sideshow.


For even more highlights from today’s booth, check out¬†Sideshow’s Facebook Page.


Here’s just a few of the highlights from this week’s event:

Inspired by the Disney+ hit series,¬†The Mandalorian™,¬†Hot Toys¬†debuted a plethora of new figures including the stunning¬†Boba Fett™ with Throne Sixth Scale Figure Set, the¬†Fennec Shand™ Sixth Scale Figure, the¬†Cobb Vanth™ Sixth Scale Figure, the¬†Armorer™ Sixth Scale Figure, the¬†Super Battle Droid™, and an epic¬†Nevarro™ Imperial Safehouse Diorama.

The¬†Wandavision¬†inspired¬†Scarlet Witch¬†and¬†Vision¬†1/6 scale figures¬†were displayed alongside an all-white version of¬†The Vision.¬†Hot Toys¬†also revealed a¬†Baron Zemo 1/6 scale figure¬†‚ÄĒ a perfect accompaniment to the new¬†Captain America¬†and¬†Winter Soldier¬†figures, inspired by their appearance in¬†The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Bat-fans got an up-close look at the all-new¬†Arkham¬†video game inspired¬†Batman (XE Suit) 1/6 scale figure¬†by¬†Hot Toys, as well as¬†Knightmare Batman and Superman¬†‚ÄĒ as seen in the post-apocalyptic vision of the Knightmare reality in¬†Zack Snyder‚Äôs¬†Justice League.

Sideshow¬†also unveiled several new comic book inspired Premium Format™ Figures, including¬†Storm,¬†Black Widow,¬†and¬†Captain America, as well as the jaw-dropping new¬†Doctor Doom Maquette.


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