My Sideshow Story – Day 4

If you’re already part of the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group, you know that we’ve recently reached 40,000 members in this global geek community. Right now we’re also in the midst of the Sideshow’s Birthday Extravaganza, so what better time to break out the cake and balloons?

To meet and celebrate this 40K member milestone, we’re hosting a special giveaway called #MySideshowStory. You can join the group and contribute at

For this challenge we’re asking our group members to share their favorite or most positive experience with Sideshow. This could be an interaction in Let Your Geek Sideshow, a prize they won, a memory from Comic Con—the possibilities are endless when Sideshow has just turned 27.

Every day of the Birthday Extravaganza, from Monday the 15th to Friday the 19th, we’ll be spotlighting some of our favorite stories. Below are just a few of the amazing quotes and photos already shared by our Geeksiders. See stories from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 here.

#MySideshowStory Posts


“My most positive experiences have always been with customer service. I can’t say enough nice things about that team. If anything is wrong, boom…they fix it. I’ve had a package go missing and they made UPS find it. I’ve been sent damaged stuff and it gets replaced. I’ve asked for special packaging in the past and they did it. I would say the CS team is the backbone of SS. They deserve kudos. I’ve been collecting for 11+ years and it’s always been a positive experience.”

Chase T.


“…this group became a safe place for me was like been around a group of friends that just love culture and collecting unique things from all different parts of the world it has been amazing to see and to be part of it all. It has help my depression since I have it bad most days most of the time I turn into just the shows just to laugh and we’ll learn bout Hot Toys and other cool stuff u guys gave me a place where I can be myself and safe to engage with other fellow collectors and geeks that just having fun.”

Marco R.


“This whole community is amazing. The amount of laughs you can have, to the TONS of information you receive and just how attentive everyone is to each other. It makes it hard to narrow it down to any one specific thing but honestly, every time I have been able to catch a Friends with No Benefits wrap up has been beyond phenomenal. The purest moments full of laughs and just randomness. Makes me feel like I am among my own people…. I have come HOME!”

Yessie T.


“…but, then, I brought up the Sideshow Adam West Batman Premium Format statue that Sideshow was offering and how I was on the waitlist for it. He told me if ANYONE deserved to own that statue, it was ME!!! He said that he would “talk to some people about it back in CA” and, with that, we went our separate ways. Within a week of returning home, I received a notice that my waitlisted item was being upgraded to an actual order so I IMMEDIATELY jumped on it!!! So, because of that chance encounter on the crowded streets of New York City, I am the PROUD OWNER of the Adam West Batman PF statue.”


“My mood was entirely lifted for the rest of the day after I rushed back to my girlfriend to tell her I won something [at New York Comic Con] as if I was a kid that got to pick anything they want at a toy store. I met up with other members and moderators as well as staff at the event meetup afterwards and I could just tell they were very welcoming. It was an eventful NYCC that will be etched into my memories for as long as it serves me. I LOVE SIDESHOW!”

Andrew F.

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Thank you for 27 years of letting your Geek Sideshow!